Friday, May 16, 2008

Auntie Viv on the Prowl at Pure

Auntie Viv was back on her "cougar prowl" last night at Pure Nightclub in Atlanta!!!!! LOL!!!! The event was hosted by Vivica and Floyd Money Mayweather!!!!! Looks like Viv was trying to make a quick comeup...... MmmmmmHmmmmm...

Looks like EVERYONE in the club was giving Viv the DIRECT SIDE EYE!!!!

Floyd decided to become the paparazzi and learn to work the camera. Of course, he was taking pictures of HIMSELF!!!!!

Looks like Floyd and Keyshia Cole have the same dentist...........

Auntie V was also trying her damned'est to crack a smile through all those facelifts and botox treatments!!!!! That smile looks like it hurts. Vivica did look fabulous though. I love when we dress up a plain white tank!!!!

Yeah, VIV..... We know what it REALLY IS..............

Chingy and Shawty Lo were also in the building. Is it just me or does Shawty Lo's jewelery look like sterling silver?!?! LMAO!!!

WTF was she thinking when she left the house? I mean REALLY?!?!? There is a fine line between dressing revealing and looking CLASSY and revealing too much and looking stank...... which side of the line do yall think this chick is on?!?!?! Are those rhinestones in the side cutting off the circulation in her hips?!?!?

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