Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Do I Get My MONEY?!?!?!?!?

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Here is some news we ALL can use. We all know about the tax rebate check but what everyone (including myself) is confused about is 1) When will I get my money and 2) How much will I get? Now, I can't help you on how much you will get but I CAN help yall out with when you should be getting your money. For some of us, it's a lot sooner than we thought. Direct Deposit is the BEST!!!!!! As you will see from the timetable below, if your 2007 refund was direct deposited, then so will your rebate and you will have your money just in tim for Memorial Day Weekend vacation!!!!!!! Anyay, look over the timetable and if you need more specific info, head over to Yahoo Finance- which is where I got the table from :-) ......As always, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!!! This is just something I saw and wanted to pass along but I'm not Uncle Sam so I can't guarantee this is 100% accurate. Yall already know we can't believe Bush and his folks

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