Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Uh Oh R. Kelly: Marriage to Underaged Aaliyah May Be Brought Into Evidence

Shout out to Lashonda of The E-Biz for sending this over. It seems as though R Kelly's marriage to an underaged Aaliyah may allegedly be brought into evidence in his upcoming trial.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Prosecutors in the upcoming R. Kelly child pornography trial want to introduce evidence of other crimes allegedly committed by the R&B singer, court records show.

Kelly, 41, is accused of videotaping himself having sex with a girl estimated to be 13 or 14. Kelly, of Olympia Fields, has pleaded not guilty. Jury selection starts May 9th.
Prosecutors filed a motion April 1st, to allow evidence of other crimes, according to the case's docket sheet.

The motion appears to have been the subject of a two-hour, closed-door hearing Friday before Judge Vincent Gaughan. Kelly married singer Aaliyah, who is now deceased, when she was 15.

Lashonda also dropped a tidbit about some love letters Aaliyah may have written detailing her intimate relationship with the much older R. Kelly. Hmmmmm. On a sidenote, have yall heard R Kelly's remix to "Touch My Body"?!?! CRAZY!!!!!!! It's killing The Dream's WACK ASS remix of it. I will try to find the mp3 for yall

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