Thursday, April 10, 2008

Terrence J Calls Ray J CORNY?!?!?!?!

So, last night I was at home watching 106 & Park.......... don't even ask. Anyway, Ray J was promotinghis new album and he sat on the couch to chat it up with Terrence J and Rocsi. Well, during the conversation, Terrence decides to say that Ray J used to be corny!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! I was like WTF??!?!? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Terrence tried numerous times throughout the show to clean up his statement and try to say that it was "magazines" that said that Ray J was corny. (Terrence should know not to believe everything you read in magazines!!) He then attempted to ask Ray J how did he shed that corny image people thought of him when he was younger. Why Why Why?!?! It just made things worse. You could cut the tension with a knife!!!! Ray J was pissed. You could tell it all in his face during the duration of the show.

just needfor someone at BET to explain to me how they let the corniest folks on TV call someone else corny?!?! Terrence is the wackiest, corniest dude on tv right now. With his fake New York accent, his wannabe Lil Wayne wardrobe, and him saying "Ya Dig" a billion times like a little Juelz Santana clone. He is more manufactured than Day 26 and Danity Kane. And if he twists his hat around one more time during the show he is going to leave a ring arund the top of his head. Boy STOP...... or, in the words of Necole Bitchie- BOY BYE!!!!!

To check out the video CLICK HERE and head over to Yardie 4 Life

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