Tuesday, April 8, 2008

StyleRazzi Get Em: Balenciaga Knock-offs!!!!!

About a month and a half ago, I posted a story about these fly ass Balenciaga boots that were rocked by Hillary Duff. While I was on vacation, I found these same boots in a knocked off version at Bakers and was anxious to get back and share the news with all of my shoe-nista's!!!!!! Currently, Bakers has the black and tan-nubuck pair available. On April 15th, the hot pink and blud pair will be released..... and I think my wallet will be thinner with $130 shelled out for the pink boots!!!!! They can be rocked with jeans, a mini dress, leggins, shorts, etc........ I even wanted to rock mine to bed with my pajamas!!! The best thing is that the heel is low ebough that you can wear them all night and not feel much discomfort. Head over to Bakers.com to order your pair!!!!

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