Thursday, April 24, 2008

Q & A: Sex & Relationships- "I Like Having Sex With My Husband but I Also Enjoy Sex With Other Men. HELP!!!!"


I have a great husband & it can't get any better than what I have. Our sex life is very active and I have no complaints however I am sooo attracted to other men sexually. My husband and I can screw everyday of the week but if I see someone I want, I'm going for it!!! I'm not looking for your conversation, flattery, or cash (even thought they give it up). I have my own & I just wanna fu*k you and go home.

Sometimes I get more turned on when I have sex before I get home to my husband and have sex. My best friend (the only one who REALLY knows me) says I think I'm a man. She says "What woman do you know that will fu*k a man, beat him to the shower, and tell him "Hey I gotta go."?!?!? My motto is this: "Get them before they get you." We both know what we want so why beat around the bush. I can't be your lady and you can't be my man. Girl, what should I do?!?!? Is this wrong?!?!?

Your Reader,

Maneater in M-I-Yayo
(*I gave her that name to protect her identity)

Maneater in M-I-Yayo,

Thank you for your question!!!!! You really started this Q& A portion of StyleRazzi off with a BANG!!!!! I have never been married so that part I will need the readers input on.

What I can say is that it sounds like you do love your husband but you have an insatiable desire for sex. It does seem as though you have a man's mentality when it somes to sex. Usually it's hard for women to seperate sexual and emotional feelings but you are able to draw a fine, thick line between the two. The advice I can give is to casually talk to your husband. Don't tell him what you are doing (of course) but bring up the idea to him of having a more open marriage.

I see you are in the South Florida area so maybe one night, take your husband to Trapeze Swingers Club down in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale. See how he like the idea of "swinging". This will give you the chance to fulfill your desires while also allowing your husband to live out his own desires that he may have. If he isn't open to that, I would suggest to try role playing. Add some "toys" in the bedroom so when you do role play, you can experiment with different sides of sex that will make your experience with your husband feel like he is a brand new person.

The one thing I would definitely suggest is to wean away from what you are currently doing. It can get very dangerous when you play both sides of the fence. There are men out here that are more emotional than us women and may want more than just a "wham, bam, thank you sir"!!!!!!!!!

Readers, please feel free to input your own suggestions in the comments section. I just ask that you do not be judgemental. Please offer sound advice and not bash the person who posed this question!!!!

And, if you have a question about sex and relationships that you would like to hear my advice on, email me at Trust me, there isn't a question that is too freaky, too out the box, or that you can be too embarrassed to ask. Coming tomorrow- "Anal in LA"........

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