Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo of the Day: Retro Kids

I am SOOOO feeling the Retro Kids and their bleached blonde swag right now!!!!!! Yall just don't know how much of a crush I had on Kwame back in the day!!!!!! And, don't be surpirsed if you see me "swagga jack" Raven Symone's twin sister for her acid washed blue jean jacket!!!!!!

I'm on a mission to find some acid washed blue jeans that button up the front and then fold down (like I used to wear back in elementary) so I can fold and cuff the bottom of the jeans, get some bright color scrunchie sock and a pair of LA Gears!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Can't tell this 80's baby NOTHING!!!!!!! For more flicks from Estelle's album release party, head over to C&D

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