Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mya Broke Her Foot PLUS Alicia Keys Wants YOU!!!!!

From Superior News: R+B star MYA's Broadway dreams have taken a big hit - she has been forced to postpone her debut in CHICAGO with a broken foot.

The Grammy Award-winning star was slated to begin a nine-week run as Velma Kelly in the hit musical on 12 May (08).

Producer Barry Weissler says, "Speaking for the entire Chicago creative team, we all wish her a speedy recovery, and look forward to experiencing her portrayal of Velma Kelly as soon as possible."

I bet that broken foot won't stop Mya from "effing for tracks... and any other reason she can think of"!!!!!! ....Don't act like yall ain't never heard Mya is a "Jump, Jump"!!!!

In other much more important R&B chick news, ALICIA KEYS IS LOOKING FOR A BACKGROUND SINGER!!!!!! Here is the info for all of those blessed with a beautiful voice, unlike myself!!!! Click HERE to enter!!

Entering Instructions:
1. Submit a video of yourself singing acapella for at least 30 seconds. (Original Compositions Only. / No Cover Songs Allowed).
2. Once your video has been submitted, enter your MySpace URL and video URL in the forum to the right.
3. Make sure to review the rules and regulations before entering.

1. Must be female between the ages of 21-30.
2. Have a valid Passport.
3. Immediately able to Travel.
4. By entering, you agree to the full set of rules and regulations
Winner: The winner will be chosen on or around May 15, 2008. One (1) Performer, selected at the sole discretion of the Sponsors/Judges, will be given the opportunity to perform in at least one (1) show as a back-up singer for Alicia Keys!

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