Friday, April 25, 2008

Kimora Barbie MUST Wear Faux Fur

From Superior News: Model-turned-fashion mogul KIMORA LEE SIMMONS' new Barbie doll comes with a faux-fur coat, in a bid to show young girls they can look 'fabulous' without skinning animals.

The designer and reality TV star admits she was thrilled when toymakers Mattel decided to model a Barbie in her likeness, but she had one recommendation.

She says, "She has a faux-fur chinchilla coat, because I want to show kids that synthetic fur can be fabulous, too. She's everything a Barbie is supposed to be."

So, first of all, Kimora wants us to believe that she rocks "faux fur"?!?!? OR does she want us to think that Mattel would actually make a Barbie Doll with a REAL FUR coat on?!?!?! Either way, I'm not paying $60 for a damn Barbie Doll. Who plays with Barbies anymore anyway?!?!? My daughter accepts nothing less than BRATZ!!!!

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