Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Get That "Halle" Post Baby LOOK!!!!!

Halle Berry was spotted out at the Silver Rose Gala and Auction in Beverly Hills yesterday. New mommy is looking STUNNING post-Nahla!!!!!! Necole Bitchie has more photos of Ms. Berry. For those of you who are wondering how Halle managed to get her sexy all the way back after giving birth just a few weeks ago, I'll give you a few tips that helped me out!!!!!

Good genes are a big factor in the post-baby snap back but if you were born with it, it's not hard to obtain it!!!!! First thing to do is watch what you eat WHILE you are pregnant!!! Pregnancy isn't a time for you to gain 50lbs and blame it on being pregnant. It's a time to enjoy your pregnancy but also remain semi-health conscious while indulging in your cravings!!! As your baby belly grows, pure cocoa butter is a MUST!!!!!! I believe Palmer's now has a special cream for expecting mothers. Apply the cream at least 3 times per day. This will help keep your new belly nice and smooth and prevent stretch marks.

Next, once you find out you are "expecting" get a GOOD BRA!!!! Most women increase breast cups by at least 2 sizes when they are pregnant (I went from a C- cup to an DDD with my second child). As your breast size increases, get a good bra to provide the proper support. Lift those babies up to your chin- trust me or they will drop to your knees post baby!!!! LOL!!!!!! Also, with that being said, whether you decide to breast feed to not after your little one is born, a good bra post-preggers is important. For those who aren't planning on breast feeding, your boobs can get very painful. Get an ACE bandagg and a sports bra. It may sound crazy but wear your regular bra, a sports bra, AND wrap your boobs with the ACE bandage to help get rid of some of that baby milk. This will keep your breasts lifted very nicely while also helping to bring them back to their natural size without alot of sagging!!!!!

Finally, after you have your baby, invest in a girdle. The Squeem Cincher is a great investment. This will help get your stomach back to it's natural state quick, fast, and in a hurry!!!!! Walking and light workouts during pregnancy are also very helpful. Also, after you have the baby, doing a few sit-ups and squats each day will help get your sexy back (with doctor's approval of course)!!!! Follow this and you too can have the "Hollywood Post Baby Fab" just like Halle!!!!!!! Trust me. I did this with both of my children and with my first I was in a bikini less than 6 weeks after her birth and with my 2nd, I left the hospital in my original favorite jeans!!!!! P.S} If for some reason this doesn't work as fast as you want- FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!!! Throw on that Squeem under your favorite dress and suck that gut in for a few hours while you attend your first "post baby" event!!!!!!!

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