Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting Intimate

"Match your panties with your bra, get your ish together"- TI

So last night I was in the Macy's lingerie section picking out some intimates for myself. They had some cute stuff but the majority of the bras in my size were the big ole ugly beige, black, white, and brown bras!!!!!!! I would LOVE to go into Victoria's Secret and spend $75 on a bra but let's be real THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Not for everyday wear at least. Maybe if I come out of my shell and get a hot date I may splurge a little bit but not just to thrown on and wear to work. It's funny because I have 3 favorite bras that lift my baby's and make them look in my low-cut tops. 2 out of these 3 bras don't match ANY of my panties!!!! LOL!!! But I love them.
So, this weekend, I'm going MATCHING Panty and Bra shopping and investing in some good quality intimates. So many times, we as women slack off in the intimate department. I know there have been a couple times that I have left the house not matching so bad that before I leave I say "Please don't let me get into a car accident where the paramedics have to cut my clothes b/c I clearly look a MESS under these clothes and my sock has a hole in the bottom!!!!" Plus, I have never come across a guy that would ever turn down some P because the bra and panties don't match!!!! LOL!!!! But still ladies, that's no excuse to not get your intimate game up!!!! And, off topic, but am I the only one that gets dressed for bed real cute "just in case" a fire breaks out and I have to run out of the house to save my life with just the clothes on my back and the kids in tow?!?!?!............ I think it maybe just be me!!!!
So, here are some places to get some great matching panties and bras:
Victoria's Secret
Frederick's of Hollywood
Burlington Coat Factory

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