Monday, April 28, 2008

Football & Fashion!!!!!

My new NFL crush, Green Bay Packers RYAN GRANT!!!!!

Black Buddafly.... I've been listening to some of their music and ........ummmmm...... yeah. They just need to show up at events looking fabulous!!!!

The FOOTBALL and FASHION NFL DRAFT STYLE Party took place this past Saturday evening at the Land Rover Manhattan Automobile Company in NYC!!!!!! Here are some photos from the event. For more, head over to All The Parties!!!!

David Banner and Egypt

Estelle and David Banner!!!

Estelle looks so radiant in yellow. I love bright colors on her skin tone

Kerry Rhodes..... mmmmmm..... :-)

NFL Player Reuben D

NFL player RW McQuarters, looking like an old pimp named Slickback!!!

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