Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"A Diamond in the Rough"...... Or Just ROUGH!!!

So, yesterday Sandra Rose posted photos from Lil Scrappy's video shoot on her site and I was in RARE FORM in the comments section!!!!!! I used to LOVE me some Scrappy, until I had the pleasure of seeing him on Jeezy's "I Luv It" video set and got to see his new grill close up!!!!!!! WOW!!!! That and the fact that he was a little bit TOO CRUNK just killed his swag for me. I've also seen Diamond up close and, as folks say, she is a pretty girl. But, pretty is as pretty does. You can be fine as aged wine but if your package doesn't come correct, it ruins everything else!!!! So, let's take a look-see at her "package". Should we start from the bottom and go up or from the top and go down?!?!?! Either way, it's a mess from head to toe- KHIA WOULD BE PROUD!!!!!

Per SR, the boots are from Aldo and set Diamond back almost $400- which she could've used on a number of things that I'm not even going to wear myself out trying to list (like investing in a good stylist, hairdresser, etc...). Let's next talk about those metallic leggings that are supposedly from Diamond's ?!?!Clothing Line?!?!?!? (*yeah I'm real extra confused too*) 32 Flavors. You can find those at any women's fashion mall front store for $15.99 EASILY!!!!!! And who wants to get together with me and call for the firing of whoever made the cutom corset she got from Frederick's of Hollywood??!?!?!? Honestly the corset is really fly but HER DELIVERY just f*cks it all up. I'm over the blue eyeshadow so we will move right along to the lacefront wig. Please, if you are going to rock a LF, get someone who properly knows how to glue it to your head!!!!!!!!!!! It shouldn't be that obvious that it's a lacefront. I think some folks need to go back to sew-in's until they can step their LF game up!!!!!!

Now the love that is Diamond and Scrappy has been going strong for almost 2 years now, if I'm calculating right. Sources told me a looooonnnngggg time ago that the 2 were an item but they had to keep it secret b/c Scrappy has a "crazy" baby momma that would go to Crime Mob shows and taunt Diamond. And, is it just me or does it look like Scrappy if trying to grow a mo-hawk/ fro-hawk?!?!?!? Looks a SHAM (Stankin Hot @SS Mess)!!!!! /and we won't even talk about that "fake guap" they are holding!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!

On a side note, I saw Diamond at 300 Bowling Alley on Sunday, April 13th in this exact same out fit- from head to toe. I asked the question in SR's comments section if the video was shot on that night and pretty much the answer was NO!!!! So Diamond decided to rock this fit to the bowling alley on Sunday (while walking around with no shoes on and then stumbling out the club with her girls looking drunk) and THEN she pulled it out her closet to rock it again within 4 DAYS!!!!!!! Yall know I'm a shoefiend so I remember the outfit b/c I was blinded in the parking lot by those metallic ass pants I peeped the boots and visualized how I would rock the hell out of them in something much more fabulous than this mess of an outfit she created!!!!

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