Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cooking With Jazze- 6ft Wide Pork Chop Pizza

You read that right!!!! Yes Jazze Pha has a web-based cooking show and YES this fool is making a six-foot WIDE Pork Chop Pizza?!?!?! WTF!!!!! While cruising through my homie Dr. Drew's site, Drew Reports, I saw this foolishness.

"Cooking with Jazze" launched on March 31st and it's a web based cooking show where Jazze will cook up a meal with one of his celebrity guests. The first show featured Emmanuel Lewis and if you ever wondered, like me, how Jazze got so big in such a short amount of time- THIS EXPLAINS IT!!!!! PORK CHOP PIZZA?!?!?! Jazze looks like he bleeds gravy and he may want to chill out on these types of foods!!!! Hopefully the show will take a healthy approach to eating but I DOUBT IT!!!!

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