Monday, April 28, 2008

Celebs and Their Children Enjoy the Weekend!!!

TI and his 3 sons were spotted out at the Atlanta Hawks playoff game over the weekend. Rumors that he and Tiny were scheduled to be married this past weekend (or anytime this summer) are FALSE!!!!! According to Dr. Drew over at Drew Reports, the couple did not wed. Tiny DID however have her baby shower attending by a few close family members and friends. The shower was supposedly hosted by Monica!!!! Sandra Rose has the EXCLUSIVE photos from Tiny's baby shower!!!!(photo source)

Faith Evans and 2 of her four children were spotted out at LAX airport over the weekend. Her son, Christopher "CJ" Wallace JR is the SPITTING image of his daddy, the late- great Notorious BIG!!!!! Her other little man, straight in chill mode in his stroller, is 1year old Ryder Evan Russaw. (photos source)

Lynn Whitfield and her 16-year old beautiful spitting image daughter Grace Gibson attended the Tribeca Film Festival. Grace is a stunning beauty!!! I don't know if it's good that mama and daughter look the SAME AGE!!!!!! Either Lynn is aging very well of Grace looks mature well beyond her 16 years!!!! Either way, they both are stunningly gorgeous!!! (photos source)

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