Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amy Whinehouse May Not Get To Visit Her Hubby

From Superior Pics: Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE's husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL could be moved from his London prison - after his mother submitted a formal request to have him relocated closer to his family. Blake is currently behind bars in London's Pentonville Prison, where he is awaiting to stand trial on charges of perverting the course of justice relating to a previous charge of grievous bodily harm. But Georgette Fielder-Civil now wants her son to be moved to a prison in Nottinghamshire, closer to his family and away from Winehouse.

She says, "We've asked for Blake to be moved from London so we can visit him more easily. We want him nearer the family home, even if it means Amy won't get to see him." And Fielder-Civil insists if her son was moved out of London, Winehouse "wouldn't be capable" of travelling to visit him.

She adds, "She's always late for the visits anyway and is often banned from seeing him. I can't imagine she would be capable of getting herself on a train to visit him if he was moved out of London. But at least he would be nearer his mum, dad and two brothers."

With Amy having the star status she currently has, do yall actually think she would even get on a train ANYWAY?!?!? Don't yall think she would maybe charter a flight to see her dear Blakey?!?!?! Her mother-in-law must not be too found of her!!!

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