Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alicia Keys in C-Bus!!!!!

all photos: Neal C Lauron- Columbus Dispatch

Alicia Keys resumed her tour this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Keys, who had to cancel a few dates due to vocal issues she was having, performed to a half-fill Value City Arena in the capital city. With Jordin Sparks, Keys' original opening act, still on vocal rest and Ne-yo only performing on the tour in select cities, one of Alicia's long time background singers opened the show followed by Akon. Check out some pics from the show and a small snippet of the concert review by the Columbus Dispatch's Margaret Quamme:

During dance-accompanied numbers, which made up about half the concert, the choreography was generic and predictable and Keys, not a naturally talented dancer, seemed to be working so hard to get through the moves that she couldn't do more than an acceptable minimum vocally.

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