Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo of the Day: Retro Kids

I am SOOOO feeling the Retro Kids and their bleached blonde swag right now!!!!!! Yall just don't know how much of a crush I had on Kwame back in the day!!!!!! And, don't be surpirsed if you see me "swagga jack" Raven Symone's twin sister for her acid washed blue jean jacket!!!!!!

I'm on a mission to find some acid washed blue jeans that button up the front and then fold down (like I used to wear back in elementary) so I can fold and cuff the bottom of the jeans, get some bright color scrunchie sock and a pair of LA Gears!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Can't tell this 80's baby NOTHING!!!!!!! For more flicks from Estelle's album release party, head over to C&D

Mya Broke Her Foot PLUS Alicia Keys Wants YOU!!!!!

From Superior News: R+B star MYA's Broadway dreams have taken a big hit - she has been forced to postpone her debut in CHICAGO with a broken foot.

The Grammy Award-winning star was slated to begin a nine-week run as Velma Kelly in the hit musical on 12 May (08).

Producer Barry Weissler says, "Speaking for the entire Chicago creative team, we all wish her a speedy recovery, and look forward to experiencing her portrayal of Velma Kelly as soon as possible."

I bet that broken foot won't stop Mya from "effing for tracks... and any other reason she can think of"!!!!!! ....Don't act like yall ain't never heard Mya is a "Jump, Jump"!!!!

In other much more important R&B chick news, ALICIA KEYS IS LOOKING FOR A BACKGROUND SINGER!!!!!! Here is the info for all of those blessed with a beautiful voice, unlike myself!!!! Click HERE to enter!!

Entering Instructions:
1. Submit a video of yourself singing acapella for at least 30 seconds. (Original Compositions Only. / No Cover Songs Allowed).
2. Once your video has been submitted, enter your MySpace URL and video URL in the forum to the right.
3. Make sure to review the rules and regulations before entering.

1. Must be female between the ages of 21-30.
2. Have a valid Passport.
3. Immediately able to Travel.
4. By entering, you agree to the full set of rules and regulations
Winner: The winner will be chosen on or around May 15, 2008. One (1) Performer, selected at the sole discretion of the Sponsors/Judges, will be given the opportunity to perform in at least one (1) show as a back-up singer for Alicia Keys!

B.O.B ft Rich Boy "Haterz Everywhere"

This song has been blazing the streets of Atlanta for months now!!!!! So much so that my 4 year old son knows every word to the chorus... and trust me, him singing it is some ish that I need to add to Youtube b/c it's THAT SERIOUS to him!!!!!!! Anyway, the new video for the song is here. This is my anthem!!! For some reason, the youtube embed code is NOT trying to work this morning so to take a listen and see the new video, click HERE or simply click the above photo!!!!

"Ok You're A GOON But What's A Goon To A GOBLIN"?!?!?

Ummm..... let me find out there is some hidden beef going on between Lil Wayne and Plies!!!! Another version of "A Milli" has recently surfaced and an industry friend brought to my attention the line where Weezy says "Ok you're a GOON but what's a goon to a GOBLIN"?!?!?! I don't know of any rapper other than Plies that calls himself a goon. Also, Plies is one of the only rappers other than Wayne right now that can turn an alright song into a SMASH HIT!!!!! Hmmm....... Anyone know if there is some beef between the two or who else (if anyone) Wayne was referring to in that line? Yall already know, even though I think Plies is one of the sexiest "little men" on the planet, Wayne's lyrics put Plies to bed........... Just my opinion!!!! :-)
Take a listen to the newest version of "A Milli"...... as yall can see, I STAN for this song real hard right about now

HumpDay HOT Links!!!!

Jennifer Hudson Rocks Her Camel Toe (The E- Biz)

Alicia Keys got "back", but more importantly-


Bow Wow and Yung Berg have some "Taco Bell Beef" (Sandra Rose)

From the looks of it NOTORIOUS will go straight to DVD!!!! (Crunk & Disorderly)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This ish right here just made my day- NO F*CK THAT, IT MADE MY YEAR!!!! Just in time for my tax rebate, Andre J aka Gaymon is showing us less fortunate bishes how to WORK!!!!!! Fresh of C&D, I owe you for life for posting this today!!!!! Miss Jay WHO?!?!?!!? Andre J is making Miss Jay "STFD" (sit the F down) and bow to his greatness!!!! ANTM here I come!!!!! Please do YOURSELF and favor and click for the largeness!!!!

Alicia Keys in C-Bus!!!!!

all photos: Neal C Lauron- Columbus Dispatch

Alicia Keys resumed her tour this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Keys, who had to cancel a few dates due to vocal issues she was having, performed to a half-fill Value City Arena in the capital city. With Jordin Sparks, Keys' original opening act, still on vocal rest and Ne-yo only performing on the tour in select cities, one of Alicia's long time background singers opened the show followed by Akon. Check out some pics from the show and a small snippet of the concert review by the Columbus Dispatch's Margaret Quamme:

During dance-accompanied numbers, which made up about half the concert, the choreography was generic and predictable and Keys, not a naturally talented dancer, seemed to be working so hard to get through the moves that she couldn't do more than an acceptable minimum vocally.

Lil Wayne- "A Milli"

Gangsta Grillz radio on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta dropped Lil Wayne's newest single "A Milli" not too long ago and the song INSTANTLY became my favorite!!!! The bass line on this track is sick!!!!! During a first listen you may be like WTF is Weezy talking about but if you listen real hard to the lyrics, he actually makes a helluva lot of sense!!! Droppin many Weezy-ism's like "I will take your picture and make a Rest In Peace shirt of it"!!!!!! It has taken me a bit longer than other but I am now throughly convinced that Lil Wayne is the hottest rapper in the game right now- PERIOD!!!!!! Take a listn and decide for yourself. The video to "A Milli" should be droppin real soon. Lil Wayne has enlisted director "Rage" to add the visual to this bangin song

Monday, April 28, 2008

Football & Fashion!!!!!

My new NFL crush, Green Bay Packers RYAN GRANT!!!!!

Black Buddafly.... I've been listening to some of their music and ........ummmmm...... yeah. They just need to show up at events looking fabulous!!!!

The FOOTBALL and FASHION NFL DRAFT STYLE Party took place this past Saturday evening at the Land Rover Manhattan Automobile Company in NYC!!!!!! Here are some photos from the event. For more, head over to All The Parties!!!!

David Banner and Egypt

Estelle and David Banner!!!

Estelle looks so radiant in yellow. I love bright colors on her skin tone

Kerry Rhodes..... mmmmmm..... :-)

NFL Player Reuben D

NFL player RW McQuarters, looking like an old pimp named Slickback!!!

7 Year Old Steals Car To "Do Some Hoodrat Stuff For His Friend"?!?!?!

This is what our world is coming to. This child stole his grandmother's car to "do some hoodrat stuff for his friend" because his grandmother wouldn't take him. The little boy feels that taking away his video games for a weekend is a good enough punishment!!!! Read on and click the phot above for the link to the video!!!!

Police say a 7-year-old South Florida boy faces grand theft auto charges after taking his grandmother's Dodge Durango for a joyride.

The eight minute trek left a swath of damage in his Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood Friday. The boy smashed mailboxes, hit parked cars and signposts. He was unhurt.

Police say he literally drove until a wheel fell off. The right front wheel, to be exact, which broke off after the boy hit a sign. The boy's mother says he apparently grabbed the keys to his grandmother's sport utility vehicle, backed it out of her driveway and took off.

Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy says the boy is unlikely to be prosecuted. They arrested him so he can get some help, noting the excursion was "unusual behavior for a 7-year-old."

How To Get That "Halle" Post Baby LOOK!!!!!

Halle Berry was spotted out at the Silver Rose Gala and Auction in Beverly Hills yesterday. New mommy is looking STUNNING post-Nahla!!!!!! Necole Bitchie has more photos of Ms. Berry. For those of you who are wondering how Halle managed to get her sexy all the way back after giving birth just a few weeks ago, I'll give you a few tips that helped me out!!!!!

Good genes are a big factor in the post-baby snap back but if you were born with it, it's not hard to obtain it!!!!! First thing to do is watch what you eat WHILE you are pregnant!!! Pregnancy isn't a time for you to gain 50lbs and blame it on being pregnant. It's a time to enjoy your pregnancy but also remain semi-health conscious while indulging in your cravings!!! As your baby belly grows, pure cocoa butter is a MUST!!!!!! I believe Palmer's now has a special cream for expecting mothers. Apply the cream at least 3 times per day. This will help keep your new belly nice and smooth and prevent stretch marks.

Next, once you find out you are "expecting" get a GOOD BRA!!!! Most women increase breast cups by at least 2 sizes when they are pregnant (I went from a C- cup to an DDD with my second child). As your breast size increases, get a good bra to provide the proper support. Lift those babies up to your chin- trust me or they will drop to your knees post baby!!!! LOL!!!!!! Also, with that being said, whether you decide to breast feed to not after your little one is born, a good bra post-preggers is important. For those who aren't planning on breast feeding, your boobs can get very painful. Get an ACE bandagg and a sports bra. It may sound crazy but wear your regular bra, a sports bra, AND wrap your boobs with the ACE bandage to help get rid of some of that baby milk. This will keep your breasts lifted very nicely while also helping to bring them back to their natural size without alot of sagging!!!!!

Finally, after you have your baby, invest in a girdle. The Squeem Cincher is a great investment. This will help get your stomach back to it's natural state quick, fast, and in a hurry!!!!! Walking and light workouts during pregnancy are also very helpful. Also, after you have the baby, doing a few sit-ups and squats each day will help get your sexy back (with doctor's approval of course)!!!! Follow this and you too can have the "Hollywood Post Baby Fab" just like Halle!!!!!!! Trust me. I did this with both of my children and with my first I was in a bikini less than 6 weeks after her birth and with my 2nd, I left the hospital in my original favorite jeans!!!!! P.S} If for some reason this doesn't work as fast as you want- FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!!! Throw on that Squeem under your favorite dress and suck that gut in for a few hours while you attend your first "post baby" event!!!!!!!

Celebs and Their Children Enjoy the Weekend!!!

TI and his 3 sons were spotted out at the Atlanta Hawks playoff game over the weekend. Rumors that he and Tiny were scheduled to be married this past weekend (or anytime this summer) are FALSE!!!!! According to Dr. Drew over at Drew Reports, the couple did not wed. Tiny DID however have her baby shower attending by a few close family members and friends. The shower was supposedly hosted by Monica!!!! Sandra Rose has the EXCLUSIVE photos from Tiny's baby shower!!!!(photo source)

Faith Evans and 2 of her four children were spotted out at LAX airport over the weekend. Her son, Christopher "CJ" Wallace JR is the SPITTING image of his daddy, the late- great Notorious BIG!!!!! Her other little man, straight in chill mode in his stroller, is 1year old Ryder Evan Russaw. (photos source)

Lynn Whitfield and her 16-year old beautiful spitting image daughter Grace Gibson attended the Tribeca Film Festival. Grace is a stunning beauty!!! I don't know if it's good that mama and daughter look the SAME AGE!!!!!! Either Lynn is aging very well of Grace looks mature well beyond her 16 years!!!! Either way, they both are stunningly gorgeous!!! (photos source)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sex & Relationships Q&A: Help Me Open "My Back Door"

Dear Razzi,

I'm 29 years old and my jumpoff of 3 years is always pressuring me to start having anal sex. The sex is always great between us and Im real freaky so I definetly want to try it. The problem is he's huge and every time we try, it hurts so bad that I make him stop. I don't even let him get the head in before I'm screaming bloody murder. I also had a bad experience once where I asked a guy for rough sex and ended up having to get stitches from "the rooter-to-the-tooter" if you know what I mean. So needless to say I'm still a little traumatized and scared to explore in that region. Please, if you have any tips on how to make this process smooth and less painful I would appreciate it!!!!

~Anal in LA

Dear Anal in LA,

Thank you for your question. This is one that alot of women are curious about but don't want to ask b/c it seems so freaky!!!! Now, I'm a bit hesitant to give you this advice because you said your j/o is a bit on the "huge" side but it's to your discretion if you want to "open that door"!!!! (pun intended!!!).

The first thing to do is have a conversation with your partner. Definitely talk about this FIRST and don't just jump right into it or you may be left in a little bit of pain.If this is something you and your partner decide that you are ready to do the VERY FIRST thing you need to do, at least 30 minutes before your "session" is an anal douche!!!! It sounds nasty but this was something that one of my gay male friends advised. Do it like you would a regular douche (only don't stick the tube thing all the way in). You may want to get all of your "poo" out the normal way first and then get the leftover out with the douche. This may sound nasty but what's even worse is "skid marks" or "the smell" if you opt not to do this!!!!!! Now that we have covered this VERY IMPORTANT item, let's move on........

The best thing to do is go ahead and get things going the normal way. Next, you will want to lay doggy style with a deep arch in your back. Since this is your first time, a lubricant will be needed to help ease the pain. Try "Anal Ease", which can be found at your local Adult Toy Store. Once that is applied, you can begin the process- yes it is a process. The man needs to very slowly begin to "enter". While he is doing this, you need to "push out" (as if you are trying to have a bowel). This makes things a bit easier and less painful. If you don't "push out", you may accidentally squeeze in and constrict your anus and this will most likely be very painful. It may take a few tries but once "in", he still needs to slow stroke and gradually increase the speed as it becomes more comfortable for you.

I would only suggest to do this on special occassions. You wouldn't want your booty to get loose!!!! LOL!!!!! And also, depending on your body, afterwards you either may not have a bowel movement for a day or two or, when you do have a bowel, you may have to fly to the bathroom because things may still be a bit loose!!!!!! Don't forget, you can always google "how to have anal" and a list of all kinds of guides will come up to help teach you the correct way!!!!!! And, most importantly, if you feel any pain or discomfort during the process, don't be afraid to ask him to stop.

If you have a sex and/ or relationship question you would like to have answered, email me at Next up, "Just Friends Forever?!?!"

Ciara Rocks It- House Party Style!!!!!!

Necole Bitchie has all the photos from the BMI event held in Atlanta last night. Ciara looks amazing and her dress is too cute. What I can always appreciate is a celebrity who isn't too good to shop at regular stores. I saw this dress in LVLX in February in a bunch of colors (yellow, orange, blue, hot pink) for under $30. They have 2 different styles- the one Ciara is wearing with the hole in the front and another one without the hole. Both styles have the snap-buttons on the side. I will also tell you that I tried this dress on and I looked 3 months pregnant!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! This is DEFINITELY NOT for those of us that don't have rock hard abs!!! LVLX doesn't have a website where you can shop online so just Google to see if you have one in your area. Formy ATL folks, LVLX can be found at Perimeter Mall, Mall of Georgia and The Mall at Stonecrest!!!!!! (This dress soooo reminds me of Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson in House Party!!!! Yall remember the skin tight mini dresses from the early 90's!!!!)

In My Inbox: Think Twice


I bet she'll think twice before she pulls someone out the car to fight them!!! I had to watch this twice b/c they both look the same. And let's not talk about the "how you doin" in the background talking about "Don't break it up!!!!"!!!! LMAO!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY YALL!!!

Kimora Barbie MUST Wear Faux Fur

From Superior News: Model-turned-fashion mogul KIMORA LEE SIMMONS' new Barbie doll comes with a faux-fur coat, in a bid to show young girls they can look 'fabulous' without skinning animals.

The designer and reality TV star admits she was thrilled when toymakers Mattel decided to model a Barbie in her likeness, but she had one recommendation.

She says, "She has a faux-fur chinchilla coat, because I want to show kids that synthetic fur can be fabulous, too. She's everything a Barbie is supposed to be."

So, first of all, Kimora wants us to believe that she rocks "faux fur"?!?!? OR does she want us to think that Mattel would actually make a Barbie Doll with a REAL FUR coat on?!?!?! Either way, I'm not paying $60 for a damn Barbie Doll. Who plays with Barbies anymore anyway?!?!? My daughter accepts nothing less than BRATZ!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So THIS Is What You Spent YOur Check On?!?!?

So, Sara Stokes, formerly of one of the Making the Band series, spent her WHOLE "The Band" royalty check on?!?!? Did "The Band" even sell enough albums for her to afford this $5000-$7500 boob job?!?!?!? Well, to me it looksl like she went to Angel Lola Luv's doctor b/c this looks a hot, porno ready mess!!!! And this made me think back to how serious her husband was about her career during that series!!!!! All I want to know is where is my girl "Babs"?!?!?

In My Inbox: JUST WRONG!!!!!

Breast Implants- They never deflate even when the rest of your body does!!!!

Watch out Selita and Tyra!!!!! She is coming for the Vicki Secret's crown!!!!!

He HAS to be mixed with gold fish? Finding Nemo, anyone?!?!?!?

I can't..... I just can't!!!!!!!!

Q & A: Sex & Relationships- "I Like Having Sex With My Husband but I Also Enjoy Sex With Other Men. HELP!!!!"


I have a great husband & it can't get any better than what I have. Our sex life is very active and I have no complaints however I am sooo attracted to other men sexually. My husband and I can screw everyday of the week but if I see someone I want, I'm going for it!!! I'm not looking for your conversation, flattery, or cash (even thought they give it up). I have my own & I just wanna fu*k you and go home.

Sometimes I get more turned on when I have sex before I get home to my husband and have sex. My best friend (the only one who REALLY knows me) says I think I'm a man. She says "What woman do you know that will fu*k a man, beat him to the shower, and tell him "Hey I gotta go."?!?!? My motto is this: "Get them before they get you." We both know what we want so why beat around the bush. I can't be your lady and you can't be my man. Girl, what should I do?!?!? Is this wrong?!?!?

Your Reader,

Maneater in M-I-Yayo
(*I gave her that name to protect her identity)

Maneater in M-I-Yayo,

Thank you for your question!!!!! You really started this Q& A portion of StyleRazzi off with a BANG!!!!! I have never been married so that part I will need the readers input on.

What I can say is that it sounds like you do love your husband but you have an insatiable desire for sex. It does seem as though you have a man's mentality when it somes to sex. Usually it's hard for women to seperate sexual and emotional feelings but you are able to draw a fine, thick line between the two. The advice I can give is to casually talk to your husband. Don't tell him what you are doing (of course) but bring up the idea to him of having a more open marriage.

I see you are in the South Florida area so maybe one night, take your husband to Trapeze Swingers Club down in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale. See how he like the idea of "swinging". This will give you the chance to fulfill your desires while also allowing your husband to live out his own desires that he may have. If he isn't open to that, I would suggest to try role playing. Add some "toys" in the bedroom so when you do role play, you can experiment with different sides of sex that will make your experience with your husband feel like he is a brand new person.

The one thing I would definitely suggest is to wean away from what you are currently doing. It can get very dangerous when you play both sides of the fence. There are men out here that are more emotional than us women and may want more than just a "wham, bam, thank you sir"!!!!!!!!!

Readers, please feel free to input your own suggestions in the comments section. I just ask that you do not be judgemental. Please offer sound advice and not bash the person who posed this question!!!!

And, if you have a question about sex and relationships that you would like to hear my advice on, email me at Trust me, there isn't a question that is too freaky, too out the box, or that you can be too embarrassed to ask. Coming tomorrow- "Anal in LA"........

Treach Released After Double Murder Investigation

From Superior News: NAUGHTY BY NATURE rapper TREACH has been released by police after he was arrested following a spate of shootings in Newark, New Jersey.

The hip-hop star - real name Anthony Criss - was taken in for police questioning after he was spotted driving erratically in the city on Tuesday. Treach was detained for several hours by Newark authorities, who are investigating a double murder, but was released on Wednesday after being handed a fine for driving with a suspended licence.

A spokesman for Newark Police Department confirmed his release and admitted he was only "a potential witness" in the alleged shooting case.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

StyleRazzi Q&A: Sex and Relationships

Shoutout to my DC blog buddie Kisha P for giving me the initiative to get this cracking!!!!!! I told yall yesterday in my "I've Been Tagged" post that I've wanted to do a Sex & Relationships blog but I was a bit hesitant at first. Well, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!! My friends ALWAYS come to me for advice about all things sex. love, and relationship related. I have been through it ALL so they know that I will offer true, unbiased advice on any question that they may ask. Furthermore, if I do not know the answer, I will Google the info and get an expert's answer.

So, with that being said, here is the Sex and Relationships portion of StyleRazzi. I want you all to feel free to email me any questions or situations you have that you may want advice on. I will select an email, post it, and then post my advice. Trust me, no question is too big or small nor should you be embarrassed if there is something you may be curious about but didn't know who to ask!!!!! For those who don't know, my email is

Also, the comments section will be available for the readers to post their advice. We'll try this out for a few weeks and see how it goes :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Champagne Toast Part of TI's Community Service?!?!?

LOL!!!! I had to laugh at that headline myself!!!! Tomorrow night it goes down at Luckie Food Lounge in Downtown Atlanta. Wednesday nights over there are CRAZY!!!!! It's young money, young entreprenuers, and beautiful women- WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!!! Anyay, tomorrow night, TI will be doing a special champagne toast during the event. I don't know about TI but if my whole life was riding on my activities that I decided to partake in, young money, liquior and downtown Atlanta would not EVER be on my list of things to do!!! He needs to stick to going to art shows and speaking to the kids, YA DIG!!!!

Click the flyer for the largeness to see the details of this event!!!!

Juanita Bymun on Divorce Court?!?!?

Televangelist Juanita Bynum says in a two-part episode of "Divorce Court" that she's through with her marriage to minister Thomas W. Weeks III, who is on probation for assaulting her.

In episodes scheduled to air Thursday and Friday, Bynum also says she had thoughts of suicide and weighs in on a case involving domestic violence. When asked what advice she had for women in situations similar to hers, she said, "I have to make a decision ... to take the love that I had for him with me."

In a transcript of the show obtained by The Associated Press, Bynum said she would always love Weeks, but made a decision to "love me more."

When asked on "Divorce Court" whether she and Weeks were planning a reconciliation, Bynum said she is "done."

"I can't speak for him, but I no longer want the marriage," she said.
Weeks' divorce attorney, Randy Kessler, said on Tuesday that the divorce is moving forward. A mediation date is scheduled for May 13.

"Reconciliation is not in the works and not even being discussed now," Kessler said, adding that the show appearance could affect the mediation.

Estelle Cover BLEU Magazine and Makes History

Estelle dishes the Tea exclusively to BLEU Magazine's contributing writer Lenox Magee, on how the UK does not know how to promote black artists. She also speaks out on her feelings to being compared to Lauren Hill, "I think they compare me to her (Lauryn Hill) because I'm dark-skinned and I sing and rap. But, if they're saying the music is just as great,then compare me all day because I'll be really happy about that."

The Spring 2008 issue will hit newstands on April 29th.This is the first time in BLEU's history that an artist gets DOUBLE COVER in the magazine.

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