Friday, March 28, 2008


And Fantasia- you really got comfortable in the club with your shoes off, huh?!?! I guess that's why it always smells like fritos when I sit in VIP booths b/c chicks like to lamp up with no shoes on!!!! I'm not even going to talk about how unclassy it is to sit like that in a mini dress to begin with. Fantasia is a lost cause...........................

Maybe TI got such a good deal because Tiny was in court with her titties hanging all out for the judge to see!!!!! NOTE TO YOUNG CHICKS- titty tattoos are NEVER cute. I don't care how much you try to convince yourself that they are- THEY'RE NOT!!!!! Ask Tiny and Cheri Dennis and Khia. Eve's are the only cute ones I've ever seen.

Really?!?! This is really the only pose you have, honey?!?!

Plies' "Bust It Babies" would be proud!!!!

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