Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's Good With Wendy Williams?!?!?

So the blogs streets have been blazing this week with the bom that dropped regarding Wendy, her husband, and her talent booker Nicole Spence. Well, when bombs drop, folks come out the woodwork to offer their 2 cents.
Dr Drew received an email from one of Wendy's former interns that paints a vivid picture of what interning for the diva is like. From sitting double parked in her Bentley while she goes into the MAC Store to working 11am-7pm with no breaks, to returning clothing items for Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Necole Bitchie also has the scoop the Wendy may be suspended INDEFINITELY due to the recent allegations??!!! It's may just be me but, if Wendy is getting suspended, shouldn't they also suspend the other folks at the station that turned a blind eye when Nicole was complaining about the harrassment?!?!?!
Nicole has been painted as a loose, opportunist who wants her own fame but, in my eyes, no matter how much of a H0E one may be perceived to be, that doesn't allow any man to disrespect her to the point that Nicole allegedly got harrassed. This story is just beginning, yall. Expect more folks to come out and spew h@te all over Wendy's @ss. You reap what you sow and Wendy has been sowing into folks for YEARS!!!!!

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