Monday, March 31, 2008

Ursh, Eek, and The Family.... minus the baby of course

I could only stomach so much of the Kid's Choice Awards over the weekend. My daughter was ALL into the show, especially Hannah Montana (who is known in my house as Hannah STANKtana because I'm sick of how her little stankin @ss has hypnotized my child's mind that she needs everything that says Hannah Montana). So, yall won't be getting a review of the awards from me- I was over it!!!!! LOL!!!! I did see this photo over at ConcreteLoop. It's Usher and the family- minus the new baby!!!!!! Tameka's boys are too adorable- they must look like they daddy!!!!! I don't see how Tameka was ever a fashion stylist. Her outfits are always OFF and her style of choice is always skinny jeans and a maternity looking shirt!!!! Her boots look hot in this photo but they just aren't working with that shirt.

Word is she is asking Essence for $2 Million for the first photos of her baby (and you know I NEVER belive MTO but this just sounds true.) Anyway, good luck with that Tameka. Maybe when the child was newborn but he is damn near 6 months old now. GIRL STOP!!!!!

And speaking of when we will see children, how much yall wanna bet that Halle will introduce little Nahla to the world on The Oprah Winfrey Show?!? I don't think that People or US Weekly will get the exclusive, I think Halle will make the grand introduction to Oprah's audience, which will net more in advertising revenue than any of the magazine could ever offer her. We shall see. I know I want to see the new little baby. Did any of yall catch her baby daddy Gabriel in the new Macy's commercial?!?!? Mariah and Martha Stewart were ALL into Gabriel when Calvin Klein was walking him around the Macy's store- and he is kind of hot!!!!

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