Saturday, March 29, 2008

UPDATE: Columbus Has No Love For Plies....... or Keyshia Cole

UPDATE: Apparently Columbus also has no love for Keyshia Cole. Cole performed a total of about 20-30 minutes. This after she arrived 2 hours late (per J in the comments section). Tickets prices were all the way up to about $75 and folks were calling into the radio station this morning complaining about Key Key's lack of performance. Morning Show host Paul Strom also discussed how horrible he heard her attitude was at previous Radio One stations and that's why she wasn't interviewed on the morning show. Folks are saying Keyshia Cole needs not EVER come back to 614!!!!! Keyshia first played Columbus by canceling her original concert in January. Folks still showed her love when she rescheduled for the March date and they purchased tickets. For the fans that did remain to see Plies, they were pleased with him performing his ENTIRE cd!!!!!

So, last night Keyshia Cole and Plies held their conecrt at Veteran's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. Sources tell me that Plies missed his flight so, after the opening act, Keyshia Cole came out and performed. She ripped her set but things were supposedly cut short when Plies finally arrived. Keyshia only performed about 6 songs and then exited the stage for Plies to begin his set-up!!!!!! (I know Keyshia was PISSED!!!!!!! If she refused to open for Ne-yo in Columbus, Georgia a few months back then I know she was sick when her headlining show became an opening act for Plies).

From what I've been told, Columbus WASN'T HAVING IT!!!!!! Folks started chanting "Keyshia, Keyshia, Keyshia" and, when they realized she wasn't coming back out, half the crowd began to exit the venue and even telling members of Power 107.5 (the radio station that promoted the concert) how displeased they were with the "wack-ass" concert, due to Plies ending Keyshia's set!!!!! Keyshia did apologize to Columbus before leaving the stage and, when Plies began his performance, he apologized to Keyshia for having her end her set early.

I was told that Plies did his usual- took his shirt off, performed HIS WHOLE CD INCLUDING REMIXES, and asked who wanted to take him home. He did let the ladies of Columbus know he is very selective and he wouldn't be going to anyone's house that had clothes everywhere or Pampers all over. The selected female would have to first cook him breakfast and then he would allow her to "rape him"!!!!!!! WOW......anyway, be on the lookout for Plies new, sexy clothing line entitled "Bust It Baby" to be hitting a flea market near you!!!!! (I'm going to holla at some of my folks in the CO and see if we can get some photos from the concert/afterparty)

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