Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Ish

The HOT GHETTO MESS that is BET Spring Bling took place in Riviera Beach, FL over the weekend. I had actually considered going to this ish and I'm so glad I passed and stayed in rainy ATL. If Rocsi and Toccara are any indication of what else was roaming around the beach, it was a wise decision.

If Toccara is going to loose all of that weight, she may want to consider a boob reduction!!! Those things aren't going to be able to hold up too much longer on her Spongebob shape.

And then maybe she can donate some of her tittay fat to Wack-si!!!! Poor thing looks so malnutritioned!!! Since Tocarra is built like Spongebob, that means Rocsi is built like Squidword!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! The nose and all.........For more photos, head over to YBF.

Exodus 2008 went down last weekend at Skatetown in ATL. Raz-B showed up..... he definitely needs Jesus!!!!!!

And is that Young Joc's son?!?!?! Isn't he a cutie, just like his daddy!!!!!!

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