Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kimora FINALLY Files!!!!

Kimora Lee Simmons has filed for divorce. Kimora and Russell seperated in 2006 after 15 years of marriage and Kimora is citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. She is also seeking physical custody of the couple's 2 daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Both Russell and Kimora are currently involved in serious public relationships.

In court papers, Kimora, 32, cites irreconcilable differences and asks for legal and physical custody of the couple's two daughters, Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5. She requests that Simmons, 50, get "reasonable child visitation … to be accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel. (SOURCE)

So, Russ can't see the kids unless the nanny and security are present?!?!?! Let me tell yall something. Kimora is a bitter bish!!!! Even though she has her new man and is supposedly "with child" Kimora is still bitter over the whole divorce and Russ' new piece Porschla. Wanna know how I know?!?!?! Because I have kids and my bitter @ss is so over the baby daddy but, just to hurt him more, I was considering having us go to court so they could issue "supervised visitation" so the baby daddy's new piece(s) won't have any QT with the kiddies!!!!!! I know, I know. That is very mean and that's why I had to open my heart and reconsider but trust me- from one bitter bish to the next- KIMORA IS BITTER!!!!!!

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