Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Music To Soothe Your Soul- Ledisi & D-Brock

I'm ALWAYS late when it comes to new, underground artists!!!! By the time I find out about them, they have already been nominated for Grammy's or are beginning to have mainstream success!!!! Ledisi is one of those artists!!!! I had listened to her music a while back but never took the time to check out more of her songs. So, yesterday I was at work and (as always) I needed something to soothe my mind and my thoughts. I listened to this song about 15 times. I just kept letting it reply. Her voice and he melody of the music in the background just took me to another place. It's Ledisi covering "Devotion" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I'm going to pick up her cd tis weekend!!!!! So, here is the link to the song I'm currently listening to. ENJOY!!!!!!! and make sure you check out her website

And as a bonus, check out my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE artist Darien Brockington aka D-Brock. This song is just a sample of the type of HOTNESS Darien brings. I wish I could post more songs but I definitely am NOT going to chance it, plus I would rather have everyone go out and support these artists if you are feeling what you hear!!!! So, here is "He Will Break Your Heart" and this isn't even no where near his hottest song. I got a chance to see him live with Little Brother last summer and, other than Prince, that was the best live show I have EVER seen!!!!! Check out his myspace for more music

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