Monday, March 31, 2008

Body Sugaring- An Alternative To Waxing

So on Friday, I took my lunch break and went to get my eyebrows threaded!!! The last lady that did them threaded them to thin for my taste so I had been letting them grow out for about 5 weesks. So I sit in the chair and the new lady commences to tell me that my eyebrows are a mess and I need to rub them with castor oil to fill the sparse areas back in. After being lost in translation for a minute (she was Indian), I finally realized that this BISH really just said my eyebrows were a MESS!!!!! I let her finish her job, paid the tab, still gave her @ss a tip and left!!!! When I got home, I got my straight razor blade and started to fix the whack job she did on my brows!!!! My babies are perfect now but, I'm looking for a new eyebrow tech.
The chick at my job told me about "Eyebrow Sugaring" and it sparked my curiosity. Have any of my readers had this done? If so, lease tell me your experience in the comments section. For those, who like me, have NEVER heard about this process, here is a little article from Sweet Sensation Houston about exactly what it is. I located a shop in Atlanta that does this but I'm not about to pay $15 to get my eyebrows done!!! Read on:

What is Body Sugaring?

Based on a technique developed thousands of years ago in the middle east, Body Sugaring is a gentle and effective form of hair removal, using a natural ingredient - sugar. Sugar has an antiseptic function preventing bacteria from thriving. That is one reason why sugar dressings have been used to treat patients with wounds such as severe burns that are susceptible to infections. The results - reduced healing time and dramatically diminished scarring. The healing properties of sugar continue to benefit the skin in the Body Sugaring unique hair removal process.

You'll witness the difference after your first treatment by its gentle action on your skin. Most people find that sugaring does not hurt. However, the first time you sugar it may feel as though you are pulling off a Band-Aid (particularly if you have always shaved). Don’t give up. Sugaring weakens the hair root making it easier to remove the hair with each treatment. By your third sugaring treatment, you too will find it virtually pain free! Sugaring Hair Removal Paste is gentle enough to repeat on same area if a few strands of hair remain. Skin may be slightly pink after removing the hair but should return to normal within 24 hours.

Skin must be clean of all creams and/or oils before beginning your hair removal treatment. The time between treatments will be anywhere from three to five weeks, if you are new to Body Sugaring. That period will increase, even after a few months of sugaring. To ensure successful sugaring, hair growth must be at least a 1/4" or 6 mm to effectively remove hair by the root.

Sugaring ingredients include: sugar, fresh lemon juice and water. Sugar has proven healing qualities and bacteria can not grow in large amounts of it. Citric acid (from lemon juice) is a mild astringent used to tighten and firm the skin; when the skin is firm the hair is removed more easily and gently. Sugaring is easily cleaned because it's water soluble. Sugaring not only removes the unwanted hair, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and silky, which makes moisturizing more effective. If this layer of flaking or dead skin is not removed, applying moisturizers brings little or no benefit to the good layers underneath.

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Dana said...

sugaring is also a good way of removing unwanted hair.. however unlike waxing creams or kits it cannot remove the roots of the hair. I've tried sugaring made of some household ingredients before, I can compare that it can't really remove those annoying stray hair. Now if I want to remove hair from down below, I'm convinced that Nads Brazilian Bikini wax kit is the best product to use.

N.N. said...

I know this blog post is quite old but do you happen to recall the name of the place in Atlanta that does body sugaring?

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