Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beyonce Adds Sunglasses and Lingerie to HOD

So Dr Drew over at Drew Reports has a post today for all of you stylish House of Dereon STANS!!!!!! Beyonce and em will be adding sunglasses and lingerie to the HOD collection as early as this spring. Read on:

Beyonce is set for a fashion war showdown with VICTORIA BECKHAM over sunglasses. The R+B diva has revealed she's hoping to add sunglasses to the Knowles family's House Of Dereon style empire - a move which will directly impact Posh Spice Beckham's accessory line. Beckham has wowed the Hollywood elite with her jeans and sunglasses for the past 18 months - with Eva Longoria Parker and Jennifer Lopez among the fans of her stylish sunspecs. But now Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles have their sights set on sunglasses success. Tina Knowles says, "I can't wait for jewellery and sunglasses because we're just accessories people." But, before that, the House Of Dereon will launch a new lingerie line this spring (08).

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