Monday, March 31, 2008

Photos of The Day

F*CK Diamonds...... This is why a GOOD BRA is a girls best friend!!!!

Why did Jada send her daughter to the Kid's choice Awards with that baby's hair done the same way she wore her's in Set It off?!?!?! Please take that child to a REAL STYLIST and keep her out the braid shop at the Swap Meet on Crenshaw!!!

Body Sugaring- An Alternative To Waxing

So on Friday, I took my lunch break and went to get my eyebrows threaded!!! The last lady that did them threaded them to thin for my taste so I had been letting them grow out for about 5 weesks. So I sit in the chair and the new lady commences to tell me that my eyebrows are a mess and I need to rub them with castor oil to fill the sparse areas back in. After being lost in translation for a minute (she was Indian), I finally realized that this BISH really just said my eyebrows were a MESS!!!!! I let her finish her job, paid the tab, still gave her @ss a tip and left!!!! When I got home, I got my straight razor blade and started to fix the whack job she did on my brows!!!! My babies are perfect now but, I'm looking for a new eyebrow tech.
The chick at my job told me about "Eyebrow Sugaring" and it sparked my curiosity. Have any of my readers had this done? If so, lease tell me your experience in the comments section. For those, who like me, have NEVER heard about this process, here is a little article from Sweet Sensation Houston about exactly what it is. I located a shop in Atlanta that does this but I'm not about to pay $15 to get my eyebrows done!!! Read on:

What is Body Sugaring?

Based on a technique developed thousands of years ago in the middle east, Body Sugaring is a gentle and effective form of hair removal, using a natural ingredient - sugar. Sugar has an antiseptic function preventing bacteria from thriving. That is one reason why sugar dressings have been used to treat patients with wounds such as severe burns that are susceptible to infections. The results - reduced healing time and dramatically diminished scarring. The healing properties of sugar continue to benefit the skin in the Body Sugaring unique hair removal process.

You'll witness the difference after your first treatment by its gentle action on your skin. Most people find that sugaring does not hurt. However, the first time you sugar it may feel as though you are pulling off a Band-Aid (particularly if you have always shaved). Don’t give up. Sugaring weakens the hair root making it easier to remove the hair with each treatment. By your third sugaring treatment, you too will find it virtually pain free! Sugaring Hair Removal Paste is gentle enough to repeat on same area if a few strands of hair remain. Skin may be slightly pink after removing the hair but should return to normal within 24 hours.

Skin must be clean of all creams and/or oils before beginning your hair removal treatment. The time between treatments will be anywhere from three to five weeks, if you are new to Body Sugaring. That period will increase, even after a few months of sugaring. To ensure successful sugaring, hair growth must be at least a 1/4" or 6 mm to effectively remove hair by the root.

Sugaring ingredients include: sugar, fresh lemon juice and water. Sugar has proven healing qualities and bacteria can not grow in large amounts of it. Citric acid (from lemon juice) is a mild astringent used to tighten and firm the skin; when the skin is firm the hair is removed more easily and gently. Sugaring is easily cleaned because it's water soluble. Sugaring not only removes the unwanted hair, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and silky, which makes moisturizing more effective. If this layer of flaking or dead skin is not removed, applying moisturizers brings little or no benefit to the good layers underneath.

Do Yall Like This Look?

How happy am I that I am not a teeny-bopper anymore!!!!!! What is this new mess of a look that these little girls are popping off? Sneakers and poofy prom dresses?!?!?! They would do better if they wore lace ankle socks and leather pumps like Madonna with "Like a Virgin" on MTV in the 80's. I'm not a fan of this look at all. No matter how you mix it up or what kind of sneaks you wear- it will always be a HOT MESS!!!!!!!! So, unfortunately, I will NOT be giving style tips on where to find dresses similar to this and how to rock them best- THEY ARE BEST ROCKED ON OCTOBER 31st!!!!

Random Ish

The HOT GHETTO MESS that is BET Spring Bling took place in Riviera Beach, FL over the weekend. I had actually considered going to this ish and I'm so glad I passed and stayed in rainy ATL. If Rocsi and Toccara are any indication of what else was roaming around the beach, it was a wise decision.

If Toccara is going to loose all of that weight, she may want to consider a boob reduction!!! Those things aren't going to be able to hold up too much longer on her Spongebob shape.

And then maybe she can donate some of her tittay fat to Wack-si!!!! Poor thing looks so malnutritioned!!! Since Tocarra is built like Spongebob, that means Rocsi is built like Squidword!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! The nose and all.........For more photos, head over to YBF.

Exodus 2008 went down last weekend at Skatetown in ATL. Raz-B showed up..... he definitely needs Jesus!!!!!!

And is that Young Joc's son?!?!?! Isn't he a cutie, just like his daddy!!!!!!

Ursh, Eek, and The Family.... minus the baby of course

I could only stomach so much of the Kid's Choice Awards over the weekend. My daughter was ALL into the show, especially Hannah Montana (who is known in my house as Hannah STANKtana because I'm sick of how her little stankin @ss has hypnotized my child's mind that she needs everything that says Hannah Montana). So, yall won't be getting a review of the awards from me- I was over it!!!!! LOL!!!! I did see this photo over at ConcreteLoop. It's Usher and the family- minus the new baby!!!!!! Tameka's boys are too adorable- they must look like they daddy!!!!! I don't see how Tameka was ever a fashion stylist. Her outfits are always OFF and her style of choice is always skinny jeans and a maternity looking shirt!!!! Her boots look hot in this photo but they just aren't working with that shirt.

Word is she is asking Essence for $2 Million for the first photos of her baby (and you know I NEVER belive MTO but this just sounds true.) Anyway, good luck with that Tameka. Maybe when the child was newborn but he is damn near 6 months old now. GIRL STOP!!!!!

And speaking of when we will see children, how much yall wanna bet that Halle will introduce little Nahla to the world on The Oprah Winfrey Show?!? I don't think that People or US Weekly will get the exclusive, I think Halle will make the grand introduction to Oprah's audience, which will net more in advertising revenue than any of the magazine could ever offer her. We shall see. I know I want to see the new little baby. Did any of yall catch her baby daddy Gabriel in the new Macy's commercial?!?!? Mariah and Martha Stewart were ALL into Gabriel when Calvin Klein was walking him around the Macy's store- and he is kind of hot!!!!

Sean Levert Dead At Age 39

Sean Levert, brother of Gerald Levert, reportedly died last night. Details are very sketchy right now, some are saying he was found dead at jail, but the official report is that he was taken from a Cuyahoga County Jail to Lutheran Hospital in Cleveland where he was pronounced dead at 11:57pm. Sean had reported to jail to begin serving his sentence for not paying $80k in child support. An autopsy will be performed today to determine the exact cause of death. Our condolences go out to the Levert family. (source)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

UPDATE: Columbus Has No Love For Plies....... or Keyshia Cole

UPDATE: Apparently Columbus also has no love for Keyshia Cole. Cole performed a total of about 20-30 minutes. This after she arrived 2 hours late (per J in the comments section). Tickets prices were all the way up to about $75 and folks were calling into the radio station this morning complaining about Key Key's lack of performance. Morning Show host Paul Strom also discussed how horrible he heard her attitude was at previous Radio One stations and that's why she wasn't interviewed on the morning show. Folks are saying Keyshia Cole needs not EVER come back to 614!!!!! Keyshia first played Columbus by canceling her original concert in January. Folks still showed her love when she rescheduled for the March date and they purchased tickets. For the fans that did remain to see Plies, they were pleased with him performing his ENTIRE cd!!!!!

So, last night Keyshia Cole and Plies held their conecrt at Veteran's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. Sources tell me that Plies missed his flight so, after the opening act, Keyshia Cole came out and performed. She ripped her set but things were supposedly cut short when Plies finally arrived. Keyshia only performed about 6 songs and then exited the stage for Plies to begin his set-up!!!!!! (I know Keyshia was PISSED!!!!!!! If she refused to open for Ne-yo in Columbus, Georgia a few months back then I know she was sick when her headlining show became an opening act for Plies).

From what I've been told, Columbus WASN'T HAVING IT!!!!!! Folks started chanting "Keyshia, Keyshia, Keyshia" and, when they realized she wasn't coming back out, half the crowd began to exit the venue and even telling members of Power 107.5 (the radio station that promoted the concert) how displeased they were with the "wack-ass" concert, due to Plies ending Keyshia's set!!!!! Keyshia did apologize to Columbus before leaving the stage and, when Plies began his performance, he apologized to Keyshia for having her end her set early.

I was told that Plies did his usual- took his shirt off, performed HIS WHOLE CD INCLUDING REMIXES, and asked who wanted to take him home. He did let the ladies of Columbus know he is very selective and he wouldn't be going to anyone's house that had clothes everywhere or Pampers all over. The selected female would have to first cook him breakfast and then he would allow her to "rape him"!!!!!!! WOW......anyway, be on the lookout for Plies new, sexy clothing line entitled "Bust It Baby" to be hitting a flea market near you!!!!! (I'm going to holla at some of my folks in the CO and see if we can get some photos from the concert/afterparty)

Am I Wong For Loving This....?!?!?!

Now, it must be my weird taste but......... I'm really feeling Jade's hair color and fierce cut!!!!!! I know the 2-toned hair so last year but something about this is just real fly to me. I'm looking straight past her "poofy prom dress". It's crazy b/c Rihanna could have on the EXACT same outfit (looks like something she would wear) and hairstyle and folks would be STAN'ing for days!!!!!! Plus, Rihanna's fake titties would hold it up much better than Jade's saggy babies. Anywho........ how much yall wanna bet Cheri Dennis will be the first one to copy and merk this hairstyle?!?!?!?!?

Is it just me or does she kind of favor Nicole Ari Parker aka Boris' wife in these photos?!? Maybe? MAYBE?!?!

Tyler Perry, Usher, and Other Stars Celebrate Maya Angelou

From Access Atlanta: On May 4, Atlanta will host a star-studded 80th birthday celebration for poet and author Maya Angelou. And Buzz has learned exclusively that the evening will also serve as the inaugural fund-raiser for a brand-new teen center to be named in Angelou’s honor at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA on Campbellton Road.

"Maya Angelou is the embodiment of who she’s writing about in her poem ‘Phenomenal Woman,’ " Andrew Young told Buzz. "It also pretty much describes what we’re shooting for with the new center as well. For a while now, we’ve wanted to create a teen center at the Y in a supervised environment. Sometimes in the black community, poverty is not necessarily economic but something based in self-esteem. I look at some of the rappers and hip-hop artists out there now who have money but still don’t have it together. It’s because no one taught them the importance of self-esteem. Hopefully, with this center, we can create change."

The evening at Atlanta Symphony Hall will be hosted by Atlanta film director Tyler Perry and his "Madea’s Family Reunion" scene stealer Lynn Whitfield. Other confirmed celebs include "Rush Hour" star Chris Tucker, Tony-winning choreographer George Faison, pop star Usher, "Soul Food" actress Nicole Ari Parker, R&B and gospel singer Candi Staton, writer Pearl Cleage and MLK’s daughter Bernice King.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some of My Style Picks!!!

Alright, yall. I have been indulged in The Urban Blogger so sorry for the lack of posts!!!!!. Here are some of my picks to get you through your weekend.

Carlos Santana Pounce Pink leopard

NYLA Avenue Pump

Asymmetrical Bang- new look for the summer via I love this cut. It looks so easy to manage and has a sexy edge to it!!!!

Introducing: The Urban Blogger by Necole Bitchie

Shout out to Necole Bitchie who is doing her damn thing with The Urban Blogger. I finally had a chance to sign up so I'm one of the few hundred members that have all come aboard in the less than 2 months of it's existence (it may actually be more like one month).

The Urban Blogger reminds me of a Myspace for bloggers and blog readers. That's right. It's not just for bloggers. Anyone can sign up and for blog readers, it's a great way to discover new blogs and get a chance to chat with some of your favorite bloggers as well. Necole is definitely breaking new groud with this and I wish her much much much success with The Urban Blogger and all of her other ventures she has going on right now.

I have to take some time this weekend and get familiar with all of the perks of the site. My homie MISS MAD NEWS over in London already told me it's addictive so I'm ready to get my AMY WHINEHOUSE on!!!!! LOL!!!!! So, venture on over to The Urban Blogger and sign up (it takes less than one minute, literally).


And Fantasia- you really got comfortable in the club with your shoes off, huh?!?! I guess that's why it always smells like fritos when I sit in VIP booths b/c chicks like to lamp up with no shoes on!!!! I'm not even going to talk about how unclassy it is to sit like that in a mini dress to begin with. Fantasia is a lost cause...........................

Maybe TI got such a good deal because Tiny was in court with her titties hanging all out for the judge to see!!!!! NOTE TO YOUNG CHICKS- titty tattoos are NEVER cute. I don't care how much you try to convince yourself that they are- THEY'RE NOT!!!!! Ask Tiny and Cheri Dennis and Khia. Eve's are the only cute ones I've ever seen.

Really?!?! This is really the only pose you have, honey?!?!

Plies' "Bust It Babies" would be proud!!!!

Friday Music To Soothe Your Soul- Ledisi & D-Brock

I'm ALWAYS late when it comes to new, underground artists!!!! By the time I find out about them, they have already been nominated for Grammy's or are beginning to have mainstream success!!!! Ledisi is one of those artists!!!! I had listened to her music a while back but never took the time to check out more of her songs. So, yesterday I was at work and (as always) I needed something to soothe my mind and my thoughts. I listened to this song about 15 times. I just kept letting it reply. Her voice and he melody of the music in the background just took me to another place. It's Ledisi covering "Devotion" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I'm going to pick up her cd tis weekend!!!!! So, here is the link to the song I'm currently listening to. ENJOY!!!!!!! and make sure you check out her website

And as a bonus, check out my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE artist Darien Brockington aka D-Brock. This song is just a sample of the type of HOTNESS Darien brings. I wish I could post more songs but I definitely am NOT going to chance it, plus I would rather have everyone go out and support these artists if you are feeling what you hear!!!! So, here is "He Will Break Your Heart" and this isn't even no where near his hottest song. I got a chance to see him live with Little Brother last summer and, other than Prince, that was the best live show I have EVER seen!!!!! Check out his myspace for more music

Comment of the Day: The Lawyer That Got Remy Convicted

The victim's attorney, Lauren P. Raysor, is speaking out about the verdict that could result in a lengthy jail term for Remy Ma.

"Today justice has been served. This process has been draining upon my client.From the beginning, the defense has tried to portray Ms. Ma as the victim. The jury saw through it and has sent a message to those in the recording industry who do not feel they should abide by the same rules as the rest of us."

"It is time to put an end to this senseless cycle of violence that is glorified by hip-hop marketing."

WTF?!?!? How about this is a message to those chicks that pose as friends and then try to do slick ish like steal your man or your money- BISH YOU WILL GET YOUR @SS SHOT!!!!!!!! The violence that is glorified in the hip-hop community is the same violence that is a reality for so many folks in communities around this country!!!! If you want to put a stop to it being glorified in the hip-hop community put more programs for the kids into the community, put more money into the schools, do something positive and positive results will follow. People KILL me always trying to blame hip-hop. Hip-Hop didn't kill 4000 soldiers in Iraq- BUSH DID!!!!!!

Photos of TI Leaving Court

TI had a look of victory yesterday afternoon as he left court. Even though he still has to serve time and has alot of community service to do, it's still a HELL OF ALOT better than the time he was looking at initially.

TI smiled, waved at fans, and even took the time out to hug Atlanta Hot 107.9 Radio personality Rashan Ali, who's haircut is real relaxed and super FLY in this photo!!!!! Makes me want to cut all of mine off again!!!!

all photos: frank niemeir/ ajc

Thursday, March 27, 2008


FROM AJC: Atlanta rapper T.I. today pleaded guilty to three weapons charges in federal court in Atlanta. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., entered his plea shortly after 1:30 p.m. He pleaded guilty to two counts of illegally possessing machine guns and silencers, and one count of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

"While I'm not looking forward to being incarcerated, I have a long road of redemption to travel," Harris said, reading a statement outside the Atlanta federal courthouse shortly before 3 p.m. "I am dedicated and committed to that."

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr. scheduled Harris' sentencing a year from now, on March 27, 2009. If Harris abides by the conditions set in his plea agreement, he will receive a prison sentence of one year plus one day. Because the sentence is longer than one year, Harris will be eligible to earn 15 percent time off for good behavior.Harris also was fined $100,000.

Over the next year, Harris must perform at least 1,000 hours of community service, which includes speaking to "at-risk young people," promoting respect for law enforcement, and opposing violence, illegal and reckless use of firearms, illegal drugs and gang activity.After the plea, U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said Harris' agreement to speak to young people about the mistakes he has made should prevent and deter some from committing crimes and ruining their own lives.

This unusual type of outreach, Nahmias said, merits a sentence reduction for Harris, just as it would another defendant whose cooperation helps prosecutors obtain a conviction.

Harris did not make any statements during the hearing, offering only polite replies of "yes" and "no" to the judge's questions.

"Are you guilty of these charges?" Panell asked Harris.

"Yes, your Honor," said Harris, who donned a gray suit at the hearing.

If Harris does not abide by the terms of the plea agreement, Panell can sentence him up to 57 months in prison. In addition, Harris could face a sentence of up yo 97 months in prison if Panell finds that Harris has not accepted responsibility for his actions.

Are We Surprised?!?!? We Knew It Wasn't An "Accident"

So, Remy ma has been found guilty. Seeing that she is my favorite femal rapper of al time, I'm just going to by pass this story and if you want to know the details CLICK HERE!!!!!! My heart is broken right now. No more "Fresh", "Conceited", and "Jump"!!!!!!!! Note to Remy, next time- GET TI's LAWYER!!!!!


What's Good With Wendy Williams?!?!?

So the blogs streets have been blazing this week with the bom that dropped regarding Wendy, her husband, and her talent booker Nicole Spence. Well, when bombs drop, folks come out the woodwork to offer their 2 cents.
Dr Drew received an email from one of Wendy's former interns that paints a vivid picture of what interning for the diva is like. From sitting double parked in her Bentley while she goes into the MAC Store to working 11am-7pm with no breaks, to returning clothing items for Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Necole Bitchie also has the scoop the Wendy may be suspended INDEFINITELY due to the recent allegations??!!! It's may just be me but, if Wendy is getting suspended, shouldn't they also suspend the other folks at the station that turned a blind eye when Nicole was complaining about the harrassment?!?!?!
Nicole has been painted as a loose, opportunist who wants her own fame but, in my eyes, no matter how much of a H0E one may be perceived to be, that doesn't allow any man to disrespect her to the point that Nicole allegedly got harrassed. This story is just beginning, yall. Expect more folks to come out and spew h@te all over Wendy's @ss. You reap what you sow and Wendy has been sowing into folks for YEARS!!!!!

Rainbow Brite Nivea & Weezy

While site-seeing over at Sandra Rose I saw a photo of Nivea and her old boo Lil Wayne. So, I did like any other nosey @ss person would do and went directly to the photo source- All The Parties!!!!!! They look like they are enjoying each other's company. I don't know about that Skittles Bang chick is rocking but, whatever!!!!!

Also, I spotted these photos of Brian of Jagged Edge. Sick maybe?!?!? He isn't looking as thick and healthy as he used to. I'm so not feeling this new "HollyHood Diet" everyone is on. Him, Jeezy, Trina, Mike Jones, etc......... They need to get their weight up like Rick Ross!!!!

Kimora FINALLY Files!!!!

Kimora Lee Simmons has filed for divorce. Kimora and Russell seperated in 2006 after 15 years of marriage and Kimora is citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. She is also seeking physical custody of the couple's 2 daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Both Russell and Kimora are currently involved in serious public relationships.

In court papers, Kimora, 32, cites irreconcilable differences and asks for legal and physical custody of the couple's two daughters, Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5. She requests that Simmons, 50, get "reasonable child visitation … to be accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel. (SOURCE)

So, Russ can't see the kids unless the nanny and security are present?!?!?! Let me tell yall something. Kimora is a bitter bish!!!! Even though she has her new man and is supposedly "with child" Kimora is still bitter over the whole divorce and Russ' new piece Porschla. Wanna know how I know?!?!?! Because I have kids and my bitter @ss is so over the baby daddy but, just to hurt him more, I was considering having us go to court so they could issue "supervised visitation" so the baby daddy's new piece(s) won't have any QT with the kiddies!!!!!! I know, I know. That is very mean and that's why I had to open my heart and reconsider but trust me- from one bitter bish to the next- KIMORA IS BITTER!!!!!!

TI To Plead GUILTY Today!!!

Via AJC: Atlanta rapper T.I. today is expected to enter a plea of guilty to multiple weapons charges, according to a person familiar with negotiations between prosecutors and the rapper's defense team. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., is scheduled to enter his plea at 1:30 p.m. today at the federal courthouse in Atlanta. When he is sentenced at a later date, Harris faces certain prison time.

Harris was indicted in October on weapons charges that include illegally possessing three machine guns and two silencers and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Federal prosecutors and Harris' defense team have been engaged in intense plea negotiations the past several weeks. The plea agreement must be approved by a federal judge. The case has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr., who will preside over today's plea.

Harris was arrested in a sting in a Midtown parking lot on Oct. 13 as he allegedly tried to buy the weapons just hours before he was to receive two top awards at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta.

Via Necole Bitchie: The 27-year-old rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, is expected to be sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service talking to youth groups around the country, followed by about 12 months in prison. The two people familiar with the negotiations spoke on condition of anonymity because the plea deal had not been finalized yet Thursday morning.

Now, in the comments last week, I told one of the readers that I thought TI wouldn't do that much time and yall thought I was crazy!!!!! I said I thought he would get 18 months with 6 months time served which would equal 12 months in jail!!!!! MmmmHmmm!!! And we all know what happend last time TI had to serve time behind bars. He came out with one of his hottest albums EVER!!!!!!!! ".....That ain't nothing, I get better with time"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

StyleRazzi Get Em: Tameka's Burberry Bromley Handbag

Shoutout to reader, and certified bag-nista, Stephanie G for sending this over. Last week, Tamkea and Usher were spotted out and about in LA (before her jealous rampage on the video set)!!!! Anyway, the bag Tameka is carrying has been identified by Stephanie as the Burberry Bromley 2 pocket bag. You can get your hands on this bag by shelling out $1665....... or using your "cougar P*ssy power" to turn out a young rich man- the choice is yours!!!!!! I'm not a big fan or Burberry but I actually LOVE this bag, especially the version with the signature Burberry plaid design!!!!

Beyonce Adds Sunglasses and Lingerie to HOD

So Dr Drew over at Drew Reports has a post today for all of you stylish House of Dereon STANS!!!!!! Beyonce and em will be adding sunglasses and lingerie to the HOD collection as early as this spring. Read on:

Beyonce is set for a fashion war showdown with VICTORIA BECKHAM over sunglasses. The R+B diva has revealed she's hoping to add sunglasses to the Knowles family's House Of Dereon style empire - a move which will directly impact Posh Spice Beckham's accessory line. Beckham has wowed the Hollywood elite with her jeans and sunglasses for the past 18 months - with Eva Longoria Parker and Jennifer Lopez among the fans of her stylish sunspecs. But now Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles have their sights set on sunglasses success. Tina Knowles says, "I can't wait for jewellery and sunglasses because we're just accessories people." But, before that, the House Of Dereon will launch a new lingerie line this spring (08).

Tiny's Daughter's 12th Birthday Party!!!!!

Tiny (aka TI's baby momma) was showing off her baby belly at her daughter Zonnique's 12th birthday party on March 21st!!!!! From what I can tell, the party was held at a bowling alley and attendees included Zonnique's siblings and a host of her friends, including her best friend Jazzy who she is photo'd with below....(yall know TI couldn't make it!!!) Tiny is 6 months pregnant with a boy and is glowing in these photos. We wish her the best with this pregnancy!!!! (spotted @ black celebrity kids)


Jazzy and Zonnique

Jazzy & Tiny

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