Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoe Fetish: Balenciaga Boots!!!!!!!

Hillary Duff was recently spotted out and about rocking some fly @ss open toe boots!!!!!!!! The public verdict on her boots are up in the air right now but she gets a YES from me. These Balenciaga Open Toe Boots are actually from their fall 2007 collection, so they are a bit out-dated in the fashion world. Never-the-less I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Yall know I love "different" shoes and these definitely fall into that catergory!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Take a look at some of the other views of this HOT SHOE!!!!!!

And, if you would like your own knockoff semi-similar open toe boots, head over to BEBE to get these Renee peep toe booties!!!!

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