Monday, February 25, 2008

Rumor Report: LJ's Got a Baby On The Way?!?!?!

Larry Johnson was made famous for being the male roommate of Jay-Z and boyfriend of Julissa but Panache Report has the new Juicy-Ness on this NFL player. Read on:

Jay-Z's former roommate, NFL player Larry (LJ) Johnson was allegedly in an incident in 2005 when a girlfriend allegedly spotted him with another woman and things turned bad. Now, he seems to be in another situation (involving two women) that has yet to be confirmed.
We realize that professional athletes are targeted by groupies and gold diggers for pregnancy purposes.

But, an unconfirmed rumor is making the rounds that a former ex-girlfriend (model) of Johnson's who he allegedly bought a Hamptons home for in the past, is allegedly pregnant.
Johnson is denying it's his kid because he has allegedly reconciled with Julissa (BET) and people are speculating that the baby may be the kid of another NFL player.

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