Monday, February 25, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta? PLUS MORE StyleRazzi HOT Links!!!!!

So, my homegirl LaShonda over at The E-Biz is always hitting me up with the hotness. Today, she informed me that there may be a REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA in the works on Bravo. I don't know about yall, but I'm so ready to see the Real Housewives of New York City when it premiers next month. And yesterday, while being a couch potato, I became a STAN for Millionaire Matchmaker while watching back to back to BACK episodes of that show!!!!!!!! Anyway, I don't know which housewives they would follow down here. They should do a REAL HOUSE-HUSBANDS of ATL the way some of these professional black women here be "saving" these men. Personally, I would like to see Tameka Foster-Raymond, Tonya Ski (wife of radio personality Frank Ski), and Sherlita Patton (wife of Big Boi) on the show.

I'm sure BET will be next and have a spinoff called "THE REAL BABY MOMMA'S of ATLANTA" starring Monica, Kim Porter (Diddy's baby momma #2), Sara Chapman (Diddy's Baby Momma #3) Chili of TLC (Dallas Austin is her baby daddy), and you know what, Tameka could even join this cast and teach the women how to become WIFEY!!!!!! I'm sure her and Chili would have a SHOW FOR OUR @SSES!!!!!! Hey, a girl can dream can't she :-) Anyway, head over to THE E-BIZ to read more and also check out some of my other Monday Hot Links!!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Please, your not serious about the trash from Atlanta.I lived in Hot Lanta for many years.After making Millions on busy Peachtree Street in Buckhead with a great business I finally realised Atlanta a is true Trash.I do not care what color you are Atlanta is Prue Trash.Nothing more to say.How about picking a Great city like South Beach. Class Beauty Wealth and Places to spend my Money. Atlanta is Gross and so are the women who are on the show The Real Housewives of Smelly Atlanta.Please tell the women to find a make up artist and a hair stylist and a fashion desinger.Please help the Trash from Atlanta.Millon Dollar Spender on Lincon Road Mall.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha you live in America and can't even speak English, the real kicker is you type like an idiot because you think its so cool. Here is a news flash for you the way you show yourself to others isn't cool in fact you come off as an idiot. Why don't you go back to english class and learn how to speak correctly if your going to stay here. By the Way nobody except people with poor educations care about your god awful tv shows. ATL is one of the dirtiest grimiest places I have ever seen, its just trash poor dumb trash down there.

Lescafe said...

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