Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photo of the Day: Jimmy and the Wifey!!!

So, Bossip is reporting that Jim Jones is getting married!!!!! Congrats Jimmy!!!! Here he is photo'd with his "supposed" fiance. I don't know her name but I DO remember this same chick being on the set of the "Ballin Remix" video. She is really pretty in person and, the only reason she stands out in my mind is because she had on a bad @zz one-piece black hoodie cat-suit with some BANGIN knee-high boots!!!!!! The outfit was real fly and basic but stylish enough for me to say "Swagger JACK!!!!!!", but my tummy game wasn't right enough at the time to rock a one-piece fitted catsuit, ya dig!!!! Anyway, congrats to the soon-to-be MRS. JONES!!!!!

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