Friday, February 29, 2008

Myra Panache Tells It Like It Is!!!!!!

I appreciate folks like MYRA PANACHE & PANACHE REPORT for "raging against the machine" (aheem, Diddy) and speaking her mind. Read below what she had to say about certain entertainers that have decided to become actors!!!!

A black site ran a headline last week, "Watch Out Denzel, Diddy Is Turning All Of His Attention To Acting." Denzel has nothing to worry about because Sean "Diddy" Combs cannot act and he lacks leading man talent and leading man looks. Although the recent TV premiere of "Raisin In The Sun," garnered big ratings, Diddy was the weakest link among the cast. His portrayal wasn't convincing and if he is serious about pursuing acting, he needs to attend acting classes.

Combs is allegedly getting in shape to portray an action hero in an upcoming film. Action hero roles require more physical endurance than acting chops, again, Diddy doesn't have the physique of an action hero, Boris Kodjoe would be more suited for this type of role.

A few years ago, a respected cable channel announced that Diddy had been selected to portray guitar blues legend Robert Johnson in an upcoming bio. This would be a travesty and blues purists were outraged. I know I won't be watching.

It was announced a few weeks ago that Beyonce will portray R&B legend Etta James. Again, why wasn't an "real" black actress considered for this role? Beyonce is not on the level of other entertainers who became successful actresses and actors like Diana Ross (Oscar nominee), Cher (Oscar winner), Frank Sinatra (Oscar winner) and Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner). This is a miscast and Jennifer Hudson should have been considered for the role since the producers were determined to cast a singer in a role that should have gone to a black actress. I am a Beyonce fan but she needs to attend acting and diction classes.

The producers of "American Gangster," were seriously considering rap mogul Jay-Z (no acting experience) for the role of Frank Lucas until actor Denzel Washington expressed interest in the project. If Jay-Z would have gotten the part, it's doubtful the movie would have grossed as much.

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