Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In My Inbox: Miss Tina Appearing On HSN February 26th!

Peep this email I received about Mrs. Tina Knowles appearing on HSN ALL DAY TODAY!!!!!!! Now, normally, this wouldn't be anything unusual from what I receive in my inbox but a few thing STUCK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB with this email from the folks over at Music World!!!!!!!!

Subject: Miss Tina Appearing On HSN February 26th!
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 23:59:00 -0800

Tina Knowles, designer extraordinaire and mother of Beyoncé, Solange
and Kelly Rowland, will be appearing on the Home Shopping Network to
showcase several new items in her Miss Tina line of clothing for Spring

She will also be appearing on HSN on February 26th from midnight to 2am,
7am-9am, 11am-12pm, 6pm-7pm and 9pm-11pm.

Inspired by a safari theme, Tina Knowles’ new Miss Tina collection for
February aptly titled "Precious Cargo," includes sportswear,
footwear, handbags and accessories including the launch of her new
jewelry collection.

Be sure to tune in early as Miss Tina sells out fast!

First of all "MISS TINA"?!?!?!? I thought it was "MRS. TINA". Since when is a married woman called MISS??!?!?! Maybe since her husband has been rumored to mess with Destiny's Child background dancers? And then mother of Beyonce, Solange AND KELLY ROWLAND??!?!?!?! Really? When did THIS happen? I know she is LIKE a mom but that is a strong mis-statement. I wonder what Kelly's REAL mom is thinking? And the BIGGEST ERROR I see in this email is DESIGNER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to be fired- PERIOD!!!!! That mess of House of DAMN STANKING HOT MESS WRONG Dereon can't even sell on the racks of TJ MAXX. Hope she has better luck with the older women...........................

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