Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bobby V..........P.S. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!


Harsh, right!!!!! Bobby V celebrated his 28th birthday at Luckie in Atlanta on Wednesday night but word on the wire is he was recently released from his deal with DTP/ Def Jam, along with Shareffa and Steph Jones. To me, Bobby V is a true artist with mulitple talents who didn't get the proper backing and support from Ludacris, Chaka, and Def Jam to become as successful as he should have been. Both of his albums are HOT HOT HOT and he has a true fan base that loves everything he does!!!!! I even remember seeing Bobby auditioning on the first season of American Idol and getting a THUMBS DOWN from Simon, but her recovered from that gracefully so I have no doubt he will keep it moving on this set-back.

I find it very difficult for artists to succeed properly when the president of their label has a more vested interest in their own careers. Bobby and other DTP artists have a double strike on this one with Luda being head of DTP (and more concerned about his own acting/ rapping career) and Jay-Z formerly being HNIC at Def Jam!!!!! We at StyleRazzi wish Bobby V the best in taking the next step in his career.
You may be asking yourself "Why, Bobby??? Why not other DTP groups?" Well, I don't know why they still have Chingy's WACK @ss on the label. Playaz Circle has been doing major things with their one single that has been released (even though there are some other songs on their debut cd that are really fly like "Paper Chaser" ft. Phonte of Little Brother). Don't expect to see Playaz Circle going anywhere anytime soon. They have been friends with Luda since the early, first beginning stages of his career when he was still just Chris Luva Luva:
Another aspiring rapper who moved to their College Park apartment complex and would soon become a part of their circle was a loquacious MC named Chris Bridges (AKA Ludacris), who would one day be the opening act for PC. According to the Circle, Luda first befriended Lil' Fate and the two of them soon started working on demo tapes at his place. Shortly afterwards Lil' Fate introduced Luda to Tit and they all became friends, who shared a common dream making it in the rap game day. (source)

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