Thursday, February 28, 2008

7 Whole Days....... or Has It Just Been 6?!?!?!

Shoutout to reader Meli M who sent over this "Double Take" of Vivica Fox via TMZ. Auntie Viv has "Trina Syndrome"- when you wear the same outfit twice in les than a month. I guess Viv thought since she wore the outfit on February 22nd, but wasn't photo'd in it, she could get away with it again across the globe less than a week later?!?!? WRONG!!!! She forgot she was caught on camera rocking the fit with the same damn accessories!!!!!! And isn't that the Harve Leger dress that chicks were rocking ALL LAST YEAR (specifically Mel B and Kim K)??!?!? I thought she put that look to rest after her wack birthday party last year? Anyway, I wish they ALL would put that look to bed for the rest of 2008.

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