Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Know Things Are Getting Bad in TV Land.....................

When Mike Vick's DOGS get a reality show!!!!!!! You heard me correct- The National Geographic Channel is currently filming a new reality show that will follow the rehabilitation of the pit bulls that once belonged to Mike Vick. "Dogtown", the title of the new reality series, will be following 4 of the 22 animals rescued from Vick's Virginia home. They are currently being rehabilitated at "Dogtown, The Best Friends" facility located in Utah. The 4 animals selected are some of the most aggressive and toughest cases in Dogtown, so they say!!!!!! The show will debut in the summer.

I sure hope the revenue that is generated from this show is put into the care and rehab of thses animals and not into the pockets of the greddy reality show hounds in Hollywood. THEY are the real pitbulls. I'm sure whatever money is raised still won't reduce the amount Mike Vick has been ordered to pay to help rehab the dogs. For more info on the series, click HERE!!!!

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