Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The first first FIRST thing I notice about a man is his teeth. I don't care how fine a man is, if his grill is jacked up, he gets NO LOVE FROM ME!!!!!! Now, T-Pain is no where near fine but it still bothers me that this brotha wears a bunch of bling and over-priced clothing but he hasn't invested in TEETH WHITENING yet?!?!?! WHY do his teeth MATCH HIS HOODIE?!?!?! Felas, please help me understand this.............

And, on a side note- I'm SO happy Amerie finally decided to do something different with her hair. I am loving the color. It matches her sun (or tanning booth) bronzed skin so perfectly. I love her make-up too!!!!! She is definitely my muse- LOVE HER!!!!

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