Monday, January 28, 2008

The SAG Awards Style

I had the pleasure of gracing the red carpet of the Sag Awards last night, with all my beauteousness and fantasticism. Since I was able to get up close and personal backstage, live and in person, here are my pics for best and worst style:


Kyra Sedgewick. I loved the color and the dress fit like a glove. It looked stunning on her. The back was extremely gorgeous with a lace train draped from the back split. Her makeup was clean and natural and her skin was glowing. She looks very young and not plastic at all. Loved her!Marcia Cross has never really been on my style radar until last night, but she was gorgeous. As a former redhead, I'm loving her color-very rich.I believe she just had TWINS but you can't tell at all. She was also surprisingly very tall. I'm 6'1 or 6'2 with heels on and we were eye-to-eye. I loved the fabric of the dress and the color was striking against her pale skin and red-orange hair. Her coral-pink bracelet was to die for! Loved it.Honorable mention goes to Kate Beckinsale because I loved the color of her dress. She had a slight hair malfunction last nite I was able to help her with and she was soooo nice. I'm not familiar with her work, but I loved her energy, so she goes on my list.Another Honorable Mention goes to America Ferrera because she was so cute and person, unlike her "Ugly Betty" character. I thought she was going to be down with the big girls club, but no. I don't know what the media is talking about, calling her curvy, because she's tiny. She maybe wears a 5/6 at the most? Her skin looked very fresh and young. It's not my favorite dress or color but something about her caught my eye so she stays.

Now for the bad news. Sandra Oh-what is this????Your new name is Sandra "Oh Hell to the NO" because that's exactly what I said when I saw this gray and fuchsia catastrophe.

Jane Krakowski, this looks like a bowl of pea soup barf with mentos and skittles floating at the top.

Chandra Wilson....I want you to rep for the big girls club so bad!!! But this $5 Dreamgirls throwback wig and lack of "Spanx" on the red carpet is not going to cut it! And are your toes dragging outta the front of those shoes, cutting up the carpet? Try again, we're all counting on you.

I wanted to love Vanessa Williams, but I just couldn't. She scared me. Her skin looked so badly sun damaged and burnt. Her hair is the same color as her face. And her face looked so tightly nipped and tucked back, this is all I could think of:

And please name one show you have seen Anne Marie Johnson on since "In The Heat of the Night" (1988). This is called "desperately trying to stay relevant" people. Please invest your heyday money and retire gracefully. Look at her "the fans still love me" pose! And peep the suede Payless pumps she copped from the set of "Strictly Business" in the early 90's. I guess since BET has been playing the movie, she felt she was hott again and needed to hit the red carpet! I think not!

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