Thursday, January 31, 2008

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Trina in S2S..................

So The Baddest B*TCH TRINA is on the latest cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine!!!!!! Here is a little bit of what Trina had to say about regaining control over her life and coping after losing Lil Wayne, who she thought was her soulmate:

"A relationship can sometimes damage your mind and just everything about you as a person. I'm human and I do hurt and I do cry and I do get emotional, and to be able to get over it and get on with my life and put myself in a better place, that's a great feeling. There's no hurt that I feel like I can endure that I haven't already endured. I think that if it hurts and you endure losing someone, then as far as breaking up or falling in and out of love, I think that's a part of life. It's a true statement how sometimes love can turn into hate or sometimes you feel love and you can fall out of love. It's important to get yourself back together and to get things back in perspective--to really know that this is life and life happens, and nothing lasts forever no matter how much you want it to." (source)

Yeah, Trina. A bad relationship can make you lose all of your thickness, wear the same high-waist pants 3 times in one month, throw on bad lace-fronts but think you are rocking the hell out of them, etc etc etc!!!!!! If what Weezy is working with is that damaging that this chick is acting like a part of her is dead, I DON'T EVEN WANT NONE OF THAT!!!!!!!! Here are a couple other little WTF snippets from here interview, where she discusses how sexy she is, her booty, why she wouldn't pose nude, and other random ish:

Calvin: you have any trepidation about posing nude?
Trina: I wouldn't pose nude. I don't think I need to because I have a sexy kind of physique and figure. So it's a lot of things I can wear to complement my whole body and my look besides being nude. I don't think I have to be nude to get a sexy photo. That's not my line or profession. It's not what I'm trying to represent. What would be the purpose? I'm not a Playboy bunny or some type of Sports Illustrated model or anything like that. So I don't think so.

....... Oh, really, Trina. What you meant to say is "That is NO LONGER MY LINE OR PROFESSION". Maybe she forgot about THIS RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!

She also has a new song on her album where she talks about men in the industry with BIG OL' D's......funny how she left out Lil Wayne's name!!!!!!!! Read on:

Calvin: Your song "Leaving You (Big Ol' D)" is about the size of a man's anatomy. You mention several male artists, including Nelly, Jay-Z, Ludacris and several others. Do you speak from your own personal experience?

Trina: No, no! I was watching videos on BET one day and it was the "Big Ol' Butt" song. Like "Tina got a big ol' butt." That was funny to me because when you look at today's videos and the videos back in the day, it's like wow!?it's a whole different day and time. So the videos are a hundred percent better. I didn't want to do "Big Ol' Butt" because I did "Pull Over" and that's representing the same thing. So I decided, why don't I go "John Doe got a big ol'?," you know? So it wasn't really supposed to be a person's name. It was really supposed to be like blank names like Jimmy, Bob, whoever. But then that was really kind of boring. When we were in the studio, the vibe was really strong. I had my friends and a couple of people in the studio with me and it was like, "Why don't we make it more interesting? Let's use names. Let's be specific!" because everybody is going to be like "wow, did you hear that song?" I decided to use hip-hop males because I'm a hip-hop female. I wrote a list of all the guys that are male rappers and out of that list I was like, to be fair, I'm gonna just go with like the pioneers of the game?the guys that are really holding it down and have really did their thing and that are real strong. That's how I chose to use the names like a Nelly or a Jay-Z, a Ludacris or a Baby and Puffy. All these different names I got them because I feel like they are like the strength of the hip-hop game.

Calvin: Are you concerned that some people will take you literally and assume that you've been with all these men?

I don't care if they say that because I know that I didn't. I mean we're cool. We're friends. I thought it was just humorous and I just wanted to be creative about it. It wasn't a personal issue or who got the big ol'...whatever. It's just about putting the song together and making it fit with whoever's name that I decided to use. I threw in the extra names on the end to make it even out?like Snoop, Busta Rhymes and just the different guys just to make it be like a balance to the song. When I first did it I was like "ooh" to myself. I was laughing like I don't know if I should keep the names. Then I was like "What the hell. I'm keeping it."

Calvin: Here's your official disclaimer: This is not personal experience. This is your creativity at work.
Trina: Yeah, I said I'm just going to be creative about it. I've never dated an entertainer, anyway. So I wouldn't know. It was just about being creative and saying what I feel. And that's just what I felt.

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