Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maybe It's Her Big _________________?!?!?!

I don't know aboutmy fellow ladies, but I have recently found an undeniable LOVE and INFATUATION for rapper turned actor Common. Maybe it's the bald head or the freckles or just how powerful the message in his music is. Recently, Common has spread himself all over Hollywood being linked to various ladies- Keri Washington, Kim Kardashian, and now Serena Williams. Serena has had a couple "hot catches" this year. Jackie Long is a fine, chocolate brother with a smile that melts my heart. So I asked the question- What Is It About Serena?.........

Here are some photos of Serena taken back in November of 2004 when she rocked this Stella McCartney see-through dress adorned with $2 million worth of diamonds around her neck. Maybe it's her big nip-nip's that got these men going crazy?!?!?!?! Survey says............!!!!!

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