Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mary J Blige- Just Fine (Treat Em Right) Remix

This has got to be the HOTTEST remix of the year!!!!! Being an 80's baby myself, I am LOVING this. This officially will be the new club BANGA!!!!!! I can't even explain how CRAZY I was looking driving down the street when this song came on the radio earlier today!!!! In the words of Ashanti "It's BANANAS!!!!!"
Click the link to be directed to Morris Videos to hear my NEW FAVORITE JOINT!! I'm getting mixed reviews from friends that I have let hear this but I LOVE IT and "I won't change my mind, my mind's JUST FINE!!!" *had to switch up the lyrics
*UPDATE: Head over to NecoleBitchie to hear this joint featuring everyone's REMIX WHORE Lil Wayne!!!

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