Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Singer KELLY ROWLAND has defended KANYE WEST's "arrogant" attitude - insisting the hip-hop star's self-belief is totally justified.
Kelly is a big fan of Kanye's believes the only reason West has an over-inflated ego is because he has the talent to back it up.
Rowland also urges other artists to follow his example.
She says, "People may see him go on stage and act cocky and arrogant but he's just honest, like: 'I'm good and I know I'm good.'
"What's wrong with that I wouldn't have (West's song) Stronger as my ringtone if he wasn't. In fact more artists should have a bit more of Kanye's self-belief. I know I'd like to have a piece of that."

Well, I sure do hope Kelly doesn't use her success , or lack there of, to fuel her ego or she would suffer badly from LSE (low self esteem). If she based her thoughts about herself on album sales, that chick would be straight BRITNEY STATUS!!!!!! Poor, Kelly. Maybe she should've just gotten married to the football player. Things just haven't been right for her since then..................

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