Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cuttin' Up

So, I'm listening to V-103 this morning and the question the posed was "Can a Cut Buddie Ever Turn Into More"? They had played a clip from something called GIA TV from Youtube (I've never watched) and this is a synopsis of a few of the rules she had listed:

Rules to Being A Cut Buddie

1) Don't cuddle with your cut buddie
2) Know what you are coming over for. Don't try to watch cable or have small talk.
3) 4 Places a buddie should see in your house
4) Don't go in my fridge. You don't have to be hospitable to a cut buddie

Alot of women were calling in saying that they had married their "cut buddie". I'm on the fence with this one. I'm sure we all have had a cut buddie and, as women, it's sometimes harder for us because we tend to get feelings involved when it comes to sex. It's more difficult for us to seperate the two.

Personally, I have had the same cut buddie for the past 3 years. I kind of keep him in my "side-pocket". If I'm not in a relationship or seeing anyone, he's there to satisfy whatever urge or need I may have. When I am in a relationship, we still talk on the phone and communicate. I talk to him about my boyfriends and honesty we talk about everything under the sun. He is like one of my closest friends- but we both know our place in each others lives.

Out of town, after the club, if I take a day off from work- that's my cut-buddie time. If we see each other in the club, we may speak briefly but we both keep it moving. Only his closest friend knows what it is between he and I and only my very, very close homegirls know. I've never been to his house and he has never been to mine. He JUST RECENTLY (like earlier this week) found out where I work at, and this is after 3 years!!!!!!! We keep things real surface so that they will never become deeper. I enjoy my "cut-buddieship"!!!! It's so easy going. If I don't answer my phone, there's no "Where were you at? Why you didn't answer my call?". I'm not obligated to see him or go out on dates with him and vice versa. I don't expect much from him so, in return I don't get my feelings hurt because there is no expectation for him to meet.

My 4 Rules For A Cut Buddie Are a Bit Different:
1) Don't let your cut-buddie know where you live. Stay in hotel rooms or do your thing out of town.
2) Talk to your cut buddie about other men. If you are going on a date with someone else, TELL HIM. If your boyfriend is getting on your nerves, TELL HIM. It may sound strange but men like to think that you are only theirs. They are selfish and this is the best way to squash that ego and let him know you are in control of this cut-buddieship.

3) DON'T DON'T DON'T talk to your cut buddie everyday. A few times a week is sufficient enough. It's even better if you talk by text al the time and then only talk by phone once or twice every couple of weeks. Text is very impersonal and an easy way to not catch feelings.
4) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stay protected. If this is just your cut buddie, they are cutting other folks so be smart about yourself. Also, you never want to make a cut buddy a life partner by accident, because that's exactly what will happen if you get pregnant.
So, what do yall think- CAN A CUT BUDDIE TURN INTO MARRIAGE, or will they just serve their purpose until either party is ready to move on?

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