Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Souljah Boy PLAY COLUMBUS?!?!?!?

I received an email from one of my hometown friends this morning that shows that some of these little artists' egos are beginning to be a bit much. First Keyshia Cole didn't perform in Columbus, GA during the R. Kelly tour, then she CANCELLED her concert one day before she was supposed to perform in Columbus, Ohio and now Bow Wow, Chris Brown, and Souljah Boy are acting like they can't show the CO no love. To make it worst, Bow Wow is from a little suburb in Columbus called Reynoldsburg, Ohio!!!!! DAMN SHAME!!!! Read On:


Hey, girl!!!!! Just thought I would let you know how the little so-called prince's of the industry treated their fans yesterday.

So Bow Wow, Chris Brown, and Souljah Boy had a concert here in Columbus, Ohio last night and once again Bow Wow showed the city NO LOVE. He and Chris were supposed to do a meet and greet and NEVER SHOWED UP!!!! Parents were calling in the radio
station upset because their daughters were mad because the didn't get to
meet the mega-stars! To make matters worse Bow Wow didn't even come to the radio
station to support his fans in his own home town. They were saying that
they play his music all the time and show him support and he couldn't do
the same for OHIO.

And how about Souljah Boy was supposed to be on channel 6 at
noon to show them his dance and his people called at 1:20pm and said he
wasn't going to be able to make it.

Oh and Chris and Bow Wow couldn't do the meet
and greet but they showed up at Club ICE and stayed for an hour and
posed for pictures.... but they couldn't meet there little fans... Bow Wow wears that jacket and shirts that say "614" acting like he reps for Columbus and the 614 area code but his actions show different. He claims to be the Prince of Ohio but he acted more like a joker last night!!!!!! ~Your 614 Homegirl

For those of yall that don't know, Club Ice is a 21 and over club in Columbus. So I guess these boys can take the hard earned money of parents who bought tickets for their little girls to go to the concert but they can't even show up to sign some autographs or take pictures with them. But they can take their hot asses to a nightclub to get groupie love from women who most likely don't have either one of their cd's!!!!!!!!!! And they wonder why their album sales are constantly dropping?!?!?! Despite his lack of respect for his little fans, Bow Wow had this to say during his performance:

Before the lights came up, the 20-year-old, born Shad Moss, reminded everyone that even though he lives in suburban Atlanta, Columbus is still dear to his hip-hop heart: "Look here," he said, "I don't care what the haters say. I got the 6-1-4 tattooed on my arm! I'm Ohio to the death! I'm Columbus to the death! Don't never forget it!" (source)

This is one of the reason I will NEVER take my daughter to see any of these little artists in concert and pay $40-50 PER TICKET. And I will continue to burn their cd's for her. I'm not wasting my money on these ungrateful little silver spoon fed negros. I'm investing in Hannah Montana and High School Musical!!!!!!!!

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