Thursday, December 20, 2007

Will the judge REVOKE R. Kelly's Bond?!?!?!

The net was all a-buzz yesterday because a bench warrant was issued for R. Kelly's arrest. R. Kelly had failed to appear for a scheduled court date because the police made his driver stop driving and rest for 8 hours!!!! Really, R. Kelly?!?!? Is that your lame @ss excuse? What happend to renting a car and DRIVING your OWN SELF to court? What happend to getting to the nearest airport and having a G-5 or private helicopter waiting to take you to O-Hare or that wack ass Midway airport in Chicago? At least the judge was NOT moved by Kelly's excuse. Here is what Access Atlanta is reporting:

R. Kelly avoided arrest Thursday by showing up in court, but the judge presiding over his child pornography case said he'll consider revoking the singer's bond despite his excuse: that police made him late.

Judge Vincent Gaughan said he was "very disappointed" that Kelly, in the midst of a concert tour, failed to show up for a scheduled Wednesday appearance.

Gaughan admonished the R&B superstar in court anyway, saying he'll decide Friday whether he should revoke Kelly's bond. The Cook County judge also was to set a trial date Friday.

With the pure arrogance and bull-headedness that this man has shown over the past few weeks, I hope he is brought back down to reality and spends CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S in a jail cell!!!!! His excuse was worse than "the dog ate my homework"!!!!

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