Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Way To Go, Joc!!!!

So Joc's dumb @ss done up and pulled an R. Kelly and failed to appear at his court arraignment in Cleveland this morning. Here is what Cleveland newstation WOIO is reporting:
Rapper Yung Joc was scheduled for arraignment today on the carrying a concealed weapon charge. He was a no show.

The judge became very angry and issued a warrant for his arrest after doubling his bond to $100,000.

The judge also considered him a major flight risk. He had a loaded semi-automatic and 20 rounds of ammunition. A large portion of that were armor piercing.

His attorney only told the judge that he had pre-existing family and financial committments.
Is his lawyer serious?!?!? What prior commitment is more important than appearing in court for federal charges, Joc?!?! So now he has a warrant. And does he think this will make it easier when he DOES finally decide to appear in court? Sources are now reporting that Joc is scheduled to appear later this afternoon........... Joc, honey- YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!!!

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