Tuesday, December 11, 2007

StyleRazzi Who Cares: The Dream

I guess I will go ahead and be guilty of giving this man some free album promotion. BOO!!!!! He may actaully need all the help he can get. I was going to go spend my little money to buy his cd just to hear that song "Falsetto" UNTIL I heard him on the radio with Ryan Cameron yesterday. Who is he?!?!? THE DREAM, and his cockiness and "better than the world" attitude made me decide to keep my $9.99 right in my pocket.

First and foremost, I started listening to the interview midway through and it took me a while to figure out if it was a man or a "butch" woman that was talking. Then, as the interview continued, The Dream continually boasted about himself and talked about how he just wants to "collect his money". He stated that after this week he will see whether or not the music industry is in a state of emergency (depending upon his album sales, I guess). Well, someone call a CODE RED in this bish b/c I highly doubt he will even clear 200K!!! He then continued by stating he will never give away another record like "Bed" away and he just did it to prove a point. (I heard what The Dream sounded like when he sang "Bed" and he could've NEVER had the same success as J. Holiday. Not only does J. Holiday have the voice, but he also has the lookthe voice, and the sex appeal that the song needed.)

The Dream says that he will retire after he writes for Beyonce, Prince, and Alicia Keys. He also stated that Rihanna is very bossy and that she not only claimed her stake on "Umbrella", that was supposed to be given to Mary J. Blige, but she has also snatched a song that was supposed to be given to JANET JACKSON!!!!!! Currently, The Dream has written 2 tracks on Janet's new cd and I guess it could've been 3 tracks had Rihanna not JACKED THE OTHER SONG!!!!! For those who do decide to buy his cd, expect something that he says he put together "just to get a Grammy". I will be right in the local flea market this weekend picking-up my bootleg copy!!!!!!

In related DREAM news, remember we told you last week that he was expected to file for divorce from wife of 3 years Nivea?!?!?! Well, Nivea has released a statement confirming their split. You can read here statement HERE. Can someone please help this child pick her self-esteem up off the sidewalk? The whole entire statement sounds like and "Ode to Terius". I think Nivea is a very beautiful and talented young lady and she doesn't need this man to validate her. She was semi-successful before him and, I think if she converts her anger, hurt, and pain from this divorce and puts it into an album, it will give her career the jump-start it needs to reignite. We all have been through hurt and pain so all women will be able to relate. I will save my $9.99 I was going to spend on The Dream and wait for Nivea's release :-)

Shout out to the blog homie NECOLE BITCHIE for sending over this exclusive Q&A session Rhapsody Blog did with The Dream. To read it, CLICK HERE and you will see what I mean about his unappealing cockiness- BLAH

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