Friday, December 28, 2007

So Over It!!!!

Here it goes. I will be real with yall. I'm so sick of this Raz-B, Chris Stokes, B2K, Immature BULLISH!!!!!! All the videos, all the official statements, all the stories and lies and allegations. I can care less at this point. Honestly, I always thought, and still do think, all them little nigg@s were flaming HOT and gay-er than shit anyway. Maybe this is Raz-B's way of coming out of the closet and he wants to blame Chris Stokes for his homosexuality to make it more acceptable by the public. Maybe Raz-B has been infected by the fabulousness that is Andre J aka GAYMON and put all this out there so he can have a shot?!?!?

And we won't even get started on this Ricky Romance character? He would've gotten more respect from me if he auditioned to be the next new member of Pretty Ricki!!!!!! He would fit right in. Or he could be a body double for Donald Faison..............I'm just saying!!!!!

Can we start 2008 off without all this bullish yall? Can everyone just come out of the closet already? Can rappers keep their guns at home? Can R&B singers not try ti be R&B thugs? Can video chicks just admit they got implants and keep it moving? Can Rihanna and Beyonce just have a menage with Jigga man and keep it moving? Or Can Diddy just release his jump-off schedule so we won't have to ask "Where is Kim Porter"? And, last but ot least, CAN GAYMON TAKE MISS JAY'S PLACE ON ANTM? Maybe that will help pull the ratings back up where they need to be!!!!!

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