Thursday, December 27, 2007

Should We Put Raz-B on a Milk Carton?!?!?!?

Shoutout to the blog buddie NecoleBitchie for having all of the up to date info regarding the Raz-B/ Chris Stokes info. It's been reported that Raz-B is "missing". Necole was able to get confirmation, via myspace, that Ricky Romance hasn't spoken to Raz-B. I take Ricky Romances claims with a grain of salt, because his youtube video was poorly edited and full of suspect allegations, but I also support the validity of Necole Bitchie's posts and know she wouldn't post anything without checking her sources throughly. If it was on MediaTakeOut, I would laugh it off as a fluke. Anyway, we hope Raz-B is alright. He may just be laying low. It takes alot to come forward to admit to being molested and then to be bullied into recanting your statements from you alledged molestor has to be extremely difficult!!!!!

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